New Adult Gerontology Question Bank, AGNP Distance Learning Curricula for Nurse Practitioner Programs

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New Adult Gerontology AGNP Distance Learning Curricula for Nurse Practitioner Programs

New Adult Gerontology Question Bank, AGNP Distance Learning Curricula for Nurse Practitioner Programs

Med-Challenger expands its nurse practitioner distance learning curricula and education management platform for NP programs with new Adult Gerontology (A-GNP) question bank content.

Med-Challenger for NP Programs has recently added a complete Adult Gerontology question bank set to its nurse practitioner education library.  Nurse practitioner programs seeking distance learning solutions for online nurse practitioner curricula and education management will be interested in taking a look at Med-Challenger for NP programs.  

New Adult Gerontology Question Bank

Based on leading AGNP textbooks, Med-Challenger's adult gerontology question bank covers all areas of the AANP and ANCC exams in adult-gerontology.  Over 700 new questions and explanations primarily focus on AGPCNP content requirements. Along with question bank content for AGPCNP and AGACNP existing inside Med-Challenger's family and emergency nurse practitioner curricula, respectively, nurse practitioner programs can support FNP, ENP and AGNP assessment and performance management with Med-Challenger's distance learning platform.

New AGNP Content Details

  • Specific to Adult Gerontology Primary Care
  • Based on leading AGNP textbooks
  • Over 700 AGNP Questions & Explanations
  • Integrates with FNP and ENP courses
  • Peer-reviewed by Mary Alice O’Brien, DNP, FNP-BC
  • FNP and ENP courses include content relevant to Adult Gerontology Acute Care
  • Content covers the A-GNP certification examination and tests clinical knowledge of young adults (including adolescents and emancipated minors), adults, older adults, and elderly.
adult gerontology question bank course for NP programs

Add Distance Learning to Your NP Program.

Med-Challenger’s online distance learning content and testing platform provides NP training programs unparalleled content and control over student cohort activities and outcomes. 

Nurse Practitioner Program Faculty can:

  • Create formative and summative assessments that support, strengthen, and validate traditional live instruction
  • Assign testing online and track performance
  • Quickly visualize activities and performance, “hot spots” of shared difficulty, and access to individual answers given by students
  • Address outliers and keep everyone on track
  • More features

For more information about how we can help your NP program, contact us today.

For more information click here to download our informational PDF, request a demo, or send us your questions.  

Med-Challenger for NP Programs

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