New Medical Cannabis CME Course from Med-Challenger Provides Evidence-based Cannabis Medical Education with CME Credit

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New Cannabis CME Course from Med-Challenger Medical Education

Cannabis CME Course Provides Evidence-based Review of Medical Cannabis and Approved Uses of Cannabinoids in Medical Practice

Cannabis CME Course helps demystify medical cannabis for physicians and their patients' education.

Cannabis use has become increasingly common in the U.S. in recent years, with legalization for medical and recreational purposes expanding to more states. With this increase in cannabis use, access, and increased attention to cannabis and cannabinoid treatments in medical practice, providers should be prepared to have more conversations with patients about use.  One barrier to medical cannabis education has been a lack of evidence-based and accredited continuing medical education resources around the topic of cannabis.  Med-Challenger's new Cannabis CME Course is one of the first courses to fill this clinical knowledge gap with the current science and practical guidelines involving medical cannabis in patient care.

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About the Cannabis CME Course

Med-Challenger's new Cannabis CME course provides an overview of cannabis terminology, pharmacology, benefits, harms, and risk mitigation strategies to help providers engage in these discussions with their patients.

Topics such as the endocannabinoid system, cannabis pharmacogenetics, FDA-approved cannabis medications and practical applications of medical cannabis for ailments such as chronic pain and opioid withdrawal, among others are discussed. 

The course is comprised of video-based modules with post-viewing self-assessment questions and answers.  Completion of the materials and assessments provides AMA Category 1 physician CME credits and nurse "contact hour" credits.  The modules are available individually or in a volume set.  

The course is intended for all healthcare providers and authored by practicing physicians, Kevin Smith, MD, MPH and Greg Smith, MD, MPH. 

At the end of the available modules, the learner should be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the physiological model for medical cannabis.
  • Identify components of the Endocannabinoid System and its role in the body’s metabolism.
  • List medical conditions and the therapeutic use of medical cannabis to treat them.
medical cannabis cme course

Med-Challenger's course is available through its online store at  Users can purchase individual modules or purchase the available volume set.

Institutional bulk pricing for educational programs and healthcare organizations are also available.  Contact Med-Challenger for details.

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The Case for Cannabis CME

A recent article on cannabis education states the changing landscape of cannabis legislation throughout the U.S. has had an impact on the prevalence and perceptions of safety and harms of cannabis use. With increasing frequency, patients are turning to providers to inquire about a full spectrum of cannabis effects: from medical use to potential harms. Given the widespread use of cannabis to manage symptoms of chronic pain at the same time as the country is facing an opioid epidemic, it is not uncommon for patients to have questions about use of cannabis and opioids for pain. It is imperative that primary care providers understand the evidence to engage in balanced discussions with patients. Additionally, primary care providers need to have tools to assess for problem cannabis use and have a mechanism for referring patients for treatment if indicated. It is crucial that the medical community deliver consistent, evidence-based assessment, treatment, prevention and harm-reduction messaging to dispel myths and prevent potential public health problems related to cannabis use. 

Medical cannabis laws and implementation of programs vary greatly by state, but in many states with medical cannabis laws, physicians can “certify” that a patient has a condition for which cannabis has been indicated and state-administered programs grant certified patients medical cannabis “cards."

The medical cannabis card then allows patients to enter medical cannabis dispensaries where an employee (often referred to as a “budtender”) discusses the various available products. However, most budtenders have little or no medical training. Most of these states also allow limited home cultivation of cannabis for medical purposes. In states in which cannabis is recreationally legal (all of which also have medical cannabis laws), the medical and recreational dispensaries are often in the same store.

Of the states with medical cannabis laws, most have legalized cannabis for the following indications: chronic pain, muscle spasticity and/or multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, anorexia/cachexia, HIV/AIDS, glaucoma, cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

In a recent nationwide review of state registry data, the most commonly listed qualifying conditions for medical cannabis certification were chronic pain, followed by multiple sclerosis, nausea, cancer, then PTSD.

Additionally, one survey study in California found that the most common self-reported indications for cannabis use were anxiety, chronic pain, stress, insomnia, and depression.

Med-Challenger's Medical Cannabis CME course will help you understand the current evidence-based science behind cannabinoids, FDA-approved uses in clinical treatment, and improve your ability to discuss cannabis with your patients.

Get the Cannabis CME Course today.

If you have additional questions about Med-Challenger's Medical Cannabis CME course, contact Med-Challenger or call 1-800-676-0822.  

Medical Cannabis CME Course, Volume 1

Medical cannabis CME course covering every aspect of cannabis from a medical perspective
Medical cannabis CME course for physicians
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Full Volume 1 (Modules 1-4):


Individual modules priced at $129 each.
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Designed to demystify a controversial subject with scientifically-backed answers, this CME accredited medical cannabis CME course will give you the information you need to answer your patients’ questions about medical cannabis, how cannabinoid medications might become a valuable tool in your pharmacological catalog, and how to develop your own methodology of implementing cannabinoids into your medical practice.

Course Highlights:

  • Online cannabis medical education course, covering every aspect of cannabis from a medical perspective, up to date questions and answers, images, graphics, diagrams.  
  • Written by practicing physicians Kevin Smith, MD, MPH and Greg Smith, MD, MPH
  • Video-based medical cannabis CME modules with post-video Q&A review
  • Modules 1-4 available as a volume set ($399) or individually ($129 each.)
  • Available CME modules (click a module title for individual details):
  • 45 questions for review and retention
  • Adaptive self-assessment with guided remediation
  • Earn up to 8.0 AMA PRA Category 1 CME credits™
  • Earn up to 8.0 CNE credit / contact hours

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