Prescribing Controlled Substances Board Review Questions, Free CME Quiz

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prescribing controlled substances - opioid prescriptions CME quiz

Prescribing Controlled Substances Review Questions: Free CME Quiz

Opioid prescriptions CME Quiz courtesy of Med-Challenger Online Medical Education

This week's Med-Challenger's free CME quiz - Prescribing Controlled Substances - topics include: post-surgical opioid prescription, opioid therapy for the treatment of chronic back pain, opioid misuse disorder, and opioid therapy follow-up.  This topic is now part of many state CME requirements.

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Here's this week's sample CME board review question on prescribing controlled substances...

A 55-year-old woman has chronic pain secondary to destructive rheumatoid arthritis. It has not responded to other treatments including acetaminophen and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents. She is being assessed for a trial of opioid therapy.

She has no personal or family history of substance misuse disorder. She has a long history of depression and takes citalopram. She has hypertension which is treated with Ramipril. Her most recent eGFR done 2 weeks ago was 48 mL/min/1.73 m². She is an ex-smoker who quit when she was diagnosed with hypertension.


Which of the following is associated with an increased risk for developing an opioid misuse disorder?

Answer Options:

 history of depression

chronic kidney disease

use of citalopram

being a former smoker

See the Answer:

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prescribing controlled substances, prescribing opioids - board review questions CME quick quiz

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