PEMQBook Board Review Course 2021 – 2021 Pediatric Emergency Medicine Live Review Course, Dates, and Registration

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PEMQ2021 - 2021 Pediatric emergency medicine live review + online course for 2021 PEM board review

PEMQBook Board Review Course 2021 - Pediatric Emergency Medicine Board Review Live Course

Information, Dates, and How to Register for the 2021 Virtual Live & Online PEM Review Package presented by PEMQBook. LLC & Med-Challenger

We're happy to announce the most popular live review course for pediatric emergency medicine board review - the PEMQBook Board Review Course 2021 - is back again in time for anyone preparing for the 2021 ABP Pediatric Emergency Medicine board exam.  This time, the #1 Pediatric Emergency Medicine board review event comes with some new twists for increased access, everyone's safety, and even better outcomes.

How to Register:

Pick the registration option that suits you best.  Register now.

Standard / New Attendee Registration

All Sessions + For PEMQBook Board Review Course 2021 attendees who do not own Med-Challenger PEDS EM QPack 2 (required for the live course.)  Asset will be available to you online with your registration for all three live sessions.

New Registration$1399

Existing Customer Registration

For PEMQBook Board Review Course 2021 attendees who already own PEDS EM QPack 2 (required for the live course) in their existing Med-Challenger account and wish to attend all three live sessions. Price break!

Existing Customer$899

No coupon codes are applicable to this event, however, if you would like to augment your registration purchase with additional PEM materials or upgrade your current Med-Challenger assets in any way - contact us and we'll see what we can do for you!  1-800-676-0822 or

About PEMQBook Board Review Course 2021 - Pediatric Emergency Medicine Live Review Course

General Highlights:

The PEMQBook Board Review Course 2021 will be held online, virtually over a total of three days of review sessions (spaced roughly one month apart).

Sessions are scheduled for the following days:

  • December 11, 2020
  • January 22, 2021
  • February 26, 2021

Each session is distinct and different.  Cumulatively, sessions address the the most commonly missed areas and needs, with each session broken down to cover 1/3 of the material.  The monthly-spaced live review sessions work in tandem with your 24/7 online self-assessment abilities, making your overall preparation more manageable.  Each interval will be progressive, allowing you to re-assess and augment your overall preparation step by step.

During each online virtual group session, you will be able to:

  • View speaker presentations
  • Interact with speakers
  • Take part in group Q&A activities
  • Ask any questions

PEMQBook Board Review Course 2021 - Live Session, Lecture, and Online Review Program Information

The course lectures will be based on commonly challenging areas as well as the participants' performance/need.
All participants will be asked to complete Pack 2 of MED-Challenger Peds EM - the PEMQBook 2017 adapted to electronic format - by specific dates relevant to the course content scheduled to be utilized in each live session.  
Everyone's online review work will be analyzed to help tailor the lectures specific to the attendees' most urgent needs or areas of difficulty.
A schedule for completion of the online Med-Challenger modules will be posted on the PEMQBook, LLC website.
Lectures will be given by previous editors and authors, as well as Faculty from the Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School, who are designated to be authors for PEMQBook 2022.
You Pass or your Money Back - Your Med-Challenger and PEMQBook Board Review Course fees will be refunded if you don't pass the Certification Examination in 2021 and certain conditions are met.  See FAQ below.

The Best Pediatric EM Board Review Live Course keeps growing.

Since 2009, PEMQBook has published a comprehensive question and answer explanation board-style review books for the ABP and ABEM Pediatric EM certifying exam.  In 2015, PEMQBook, LLC and Med-Challenger joined forces to offer the PEMQBook Board Review Course as part of the live course experience.  Attendance to the course has nearly doubled since the first course.  It's the best PEM live review course for pediatric emergency medicine practitioners preparing for the PEM board exams.  Don't miss out on the 2021 version.  Registration is now open.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What's NEW this time?

- Besides being held virtually, most of the speakers are designated authors for PEMQBook 2022. They will be asked to introduce new question and answer sets that they are writing for PEMQBook 2022.  Most of the speakers participated in the PEMQBook Board Review Course 2019.

How much will this cost?

- There are two registration prices (see registration above) based on if you already own the Med-Challenger PEDS EM Pack 2 online materials.  All purchases will be through a single portal through the Med-Challenger website.

Are there limits for attendees this time?

- Since the 2021 course will be virtually live and online, there is no limit to the number of attendees.

How do you use the online course for live lectures?

- Work done online by the group helps us identify the best areas of focus for live attention.  Certain questions may be specifically troublesome and the online performance data helps us maximize our time toward the most mutual benefit.  Didactic lectures are adjusted while still using the question and answer format to frame the overall course outline.

Is this risk free?

- Yes. We're obviously keeping everyone safely distanced, sans travel, and connected virtually.  And, yes, we are continuing our If you don't pass - money back guarantee for those who meet the usual online work requirements.  Terms are:

  • Take and pass each module in the assessment format (not practice format). Passing is 80%.
  • Must finish entire online course by the test date (all topic assessments taken.)

If conditions are met and you fail, you will be refunded your money and are allowed to keep the online program for 1 year.  

Is there CME or MOC credit available?

- Yes. You can earn up to 52 Category 1 AMA credits available through Med-Challenger's PEDS EM QPack 2.  Approximately 30% are trauma CMEs.  The course also provides 52 ABP MOC Part 2 credits and 52 AAP credits that can be applied toward AAP CME/CPD Awards.  Contact Med-Challenger if you have specific CME and MOC credit needs you'd like to address with live course registration.

Do I have to have the online Med-Challenger's PEDS EM QPack 2 course?

- Yes. The live course is based on this online component.  Med-Challenger data on your ongoing self-assessment and exam-sim performance is used to guide the live sessions. In addition, the online content complements our live instruction, and is integral to our course.

What's in the Med-Challenger PEDS EM QPack 2 course?

With registration, you'll receive an online Med-Challenger account.  Your account includes built in self-study, exam simulation, and CME credit claim tools.  You'll use your Med-Challenger PEDS EM QPack 2 Courseware with these tools (or any courseware from Med-Challenger).  

Bonus - Thanks to Med-Challenger's Premium Membership structure, any Med-Challenger resources you buy, stay in your account, stay updated and can be used year after year for review and CME requirements.  No re-buys ever.  So adding courses to your new account is actually worthwhile. 

The Peds EM Pack 2 question bank is organized for the 2021 PEM board exam as such:

Chapter 1 - Advanced Airway and Rapid Sequence Intubation
Chapter 2 - Neonatal Resuscitation and Newborn Problems
Chapter 3 - Resuscitation, Shock, and Sepsis
Chapter 4 - Emergency Medical Services and Transport
Chapter 5 - Signs and Symptoms I
Chapter 6 - Signs and Symptoms II
Chapter 7 - Medical Emergencies: Cardiology
Chapter 8 - Medical Emergencies: Pulmonary
Chapter 9 - Medical Emergencies: Gastrointestinal
Chapter 10 - Medical Emergencies: Genitourinary
Chapter 11 - Medical Emergencies: Neurology
Chapter 12 - Medical Emergencies: Endocrinology
Chapter 13 - Medical Emergencies: Renal and Electrolytes
Chapter 14 - Medical Emergencies: Hematology and Oncology
Chapter 15 - Medical Emergencies: Rheumatology
Chapter 16 - Medical Emergencies: Allergy and Immunology
Chapter 17 - Medical Emergencies: Inborn Errors of Metabolism
Chapter 18 - Medical Emergencies: Infectious Diseases I
Chapter 19 - Medical Emergencies: Infectious Diseases II
Chapter 20 - Pediatric Gynecology and Obstetrics
Chapter 21 - Dermatology
Chapter 22 - Surgical Emergencies: Neurosurgical and Thoracic
Chapter 23 - Surgical Emergencies: Ears, Nose, Throat, Neck
Chapter 24 - Surgical Emergencies: Eyes, Dental, and Maxillofacial
Chapter 25 - Surgical Emergencies: Abdominal
Chapter 26 - Surgical Emergencies: Genitourinary
Chapter 27 - Orthopedic Emergencies
Chapter 28 - Trauma: Head, Face, and Neck
Chapter 29 - Trauma: Eyes, Ears, Nose, and Throat
Chapter 30 - Trauma: Thoracic
Chapter 31 - Trauma: Abdominal and Genitourinary
Chapter 32 - Trauma: Orthopedic and Hand
Chapter 33 - Trauma: Burn Management and Wound Care
Chapter 34 - Environmental Emergencies
Chapter 35 - Bites and Stings
Chapter 36 - Toxicologic Emergencies
Chapter 37 - Child Abuse
Chapter 38 - Psychosocial Emergencies
Chapter 39 - Weapons of Mass Destruction
Chapter 40 - Procedures
Chapter 41 - Procedural Sedation & Analgesia
Chapter 42 - Ultrasound
Chapter 43 - Administrative, Legal, and Ethical Issues
Chapter 44 - Research Methods and Statistics I
Chapter 45 - Research Methods and Statistics II
Chapter 46 - Practice Test I
Chapter 47 - Practice Test II
Chapter 48 - Practice Test III
Chapter 49 - Practice Test IV
Chapter 50 - Practice Test V
Chapter 51 - Practice Test VI
Chapter 52 - Practice Test VII

Can I share the subscription for Med-Challenger?

- No. Each participant will be required to register for themselves independently.

Can I add other PEM resources to my Med-Challenger account as part of the live course registration?

- Yes. Simply contact Med-Challenger or call 1-800-676-0822.  There is a Med-Challenger PEDS EM QPack 1, which is the online version of PEMQBook 2013 Updated, as well as other course packages like EM or PEDS PRO bundles.  Med-Challenger representatives will be able to sign you up for the live course and assemble the online components (for the exam - and everything you'll need AFTER) that you desire at the lowest price.  Coupon codes are not applicable to event registration, but we'll do what we can do!