Med-Challenger Spring 2020 Content Updates: New Coronavirus Updates (COVID-19, SARS-COV-2) and More Recently Added

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Coronavirus updates and more in Med-Challenger's spring CME content update, coronavisur cme amd over 100 more updates

Coronavirus Updates, Recent Guidelines, and New CME Updates Added to Med-Challenger

Med-Challenger continues to update its best board review and CME courses faster than anyone.

Med-Challenger is one of the few board review and continuing education providers that maintains it's own peer-reviewed medical education content library.  Thanks to practicing clinical experts across all major medical specialties and levels, Med-Challenger is able to produce content specific to each specialty regarding recent changes, advancements and hot topics in medicine.  

Med-Challenger has just pushed another batch of timely updates in wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, keeping all Med-Challenger courses super-fresh and relevant for today and the future.  Here are some of the highlights.

New Coronavirus updates, new CME content and more has been added to all relevant board review and CME courses.

Coronavirus CME (SARS-COV-2, COVID-19)

Coronavirus updates target:

  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Interim Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations for Patients with Suspected or Confirmed Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Healthcare Settings
  • COVID-19. OSHA Guidance for US Healthcare Workers
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Criteria to Guide Evaluation and Laboratory Testing for COVID-19
  • Centers of Disease Control and Prevention: Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19) - Health Care Professionals: frequently asked questions and answers
  • World Health Organization. Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) technical guidance
  • WHO. Home care for patients with suspected novel coronavirus (nCoV) infection presenting with mild symptoms and management of contacts

Coronavirus updates are applied in all major knowledge review courses.

Stroke Presentation CME

Update targets:

2018 Guidelines for the early management of patients with acute ischemic stroke: a guideline for healthcare professionals from the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association

Brain Resuscitation CME 

Update targets:

2018 American Heart Association Focused Update on Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support Use of Antiarrhythmic Drugs During and Immediately After Cardiac Arrest: An Update to the American Heart Association Guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiovascular Care

Acetaminophen Toxicity CME

Update targets:

2019 Update on the management of acute liver failure. Current Opinion in Critical Care. 2019

Dysrhythmias/Conduction Defects CME

Update targets:

Updated AHA/ACC/HRS Guideline for Management of Patients with Ventricular Arrhythmias and the Prevent of Sudden Cardiac Death

Dysrhythmias: Pharmacology CME

Update targets:

Updated AHA/ACC/HRS Guideline for management of patients with ventricular arrhythmias and the prevention of sudden cardiac death: a report of the American College of Cardiology Foundation/American Heart Association Task Force on Clinical Practice Guidelines and the Heart Rhythm Society

Sepsis Syndromes CME

Update targets:

Updated practice guidelines by the Infectious Diseases Society of America for the diagnosis and management of skin and soft tissue infections.

Over 100 More Updates...

In addition, over 100 other assorted updates and enhancements are released in Med-Challenger's routine content update schedule.  These updates include content refinements and expansion to cover the latest board exam blueprints, corrections for previously reported errata, and new resources such as new imagery and new board review practice questions.  

There's a reason physicians, nurses, PAs, and healthcare institutions choose Med-Challenger. We're not only great board exam review, or a "the best question bank," we're built for lifelong MOC and continuing medical education.  One-time purchases.  Annual MOC convenience.  Superior results.

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Coronavirus CME updates and more are now in the most current board review and CME courses at Med-Challenger CME

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