Online Board Review and CME Has Never Been More Appropriate Than Now

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Online Board Review has never been more appropriate than now.

With the cancellation of live conferences and everyone practicing social distancing to help prevent coronavirus transmission, online education is the best option.

You've probably already received emails from the CEO of every product vendor you've ever bought from or come in contact regarding the steps that company is taking internally to prevent and safeguard against transmission of the novel coronavirus.  It's interesting to consider how online board review products - or online content services in general - haven't really required that type of "wipe down" response when it comes to the delivery of those products and services.  It's a relevant point.  Many clinicians still think of live events as the path to getting the information, assessment, and interaction they need.  It's just not true, and as we are realizing, it might not be that healthy.

Many academic group conferences, live review events, and other large gatherings have been canceled due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and its potential spread.  Certification exams and requirements on the other hand have not been canceled thus far.  Since more and more board certification requirements are being performed or completed electronically, it's likely that the coronavirus will not impact the ongoing MOC requirement duties of physicians, nurses, physician assistants and others.

Given the current outbreak and its lessons, it's likely that most clinical specialty boards and academic institutions will look at prioritizing utilization of electronic assessment systems in the near future.

Med-Challenger has seen a spike in the number of distance learning programs it services over the past year and the trend is only getting stronger.  Fact is, you can do so much more today from your favorite chair in your secluded office than you ever could before, and...

Online Board Review itself does not carry the risk of a biologic, viral transmission.

That's pretty obvious - online exam review and remote distance learning is inherently much safer than sitting in a crowded event hall given these times.  And there are many other benefits to electronic education services.  Our board-certified physician authors work remotely across the United States and we create our online board review courses online together.  Tele-conferencing, FaceTime, you name it.  It saves a plane ticket, time, and the risk of a wet sneeze in your face.

Speaking of viruses, the computer kind, the Med-Challenger platform uses military-grade encryption and requires no local download or install of any application on your devices or computers.  So, it's clean and safe technically as well.

online board review

Consider Online Board Review as the future.

In the wake of all that is occurring, consider an online review for your pressing and ongoing clinical education needs.  A lot has been achieved to allow clinicians a way to gather the resources their career requires and fulfill those needs - exam review, earning CME credit, and staying informed to changes in medicine - all online.   You might find that there's no need to risk the contact given the solutions at hand.

We're happy to extend our current board review offers for physicians, nurses, PAs and others during this time to help you get the quality CME and MOC resources you need more easily, get things done, and stay safe.

online board review toilet paper hunt

You can save your time and risk for that toilet paper hunt!

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