Spring 2020 Platform Update – New Features: Notes, Bookmarks and Favorites, Improved UI, and New Reports

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Spring 2020 Update and New Features

Spring 2020 Update, New Features: Notes, Bookmarks and Favorites, Reports, and UI Enhancements

Med-Challenger's Spring 2020 Platform Update introduces new features and improvements for  medical education creation, curation, personalization and ease of use.

Med-Challenger has released it's Spring 2020 Update introducing new features and improvements to our leading medical education and e-learning platform.  This release introduces Notes, Bookmarks, Favorites, new report exports, and a host of user interface improvements for users and program administrators.

Where we last left off..

Med-Challenger has the distinct advantage of over 25 years in online education in the medical community.  We house and maintain one of the largest libraries of up-to-date medical education courseware, board review question banks, and exam review solutions, but as important is our agile development culture that allows for continual improvement to our products based on customer feedback and the most current online education trends.

Most recently, we've expanding our capabilities in content creation, curation, personalization, and collaboration. Med-Challenger now allows program faculty and education administrators to add their own questions and imagery to their available assets.  Users can then blend both Med-Challenger content and their own in online curricula and assessment of distance learners.  This allows educators both speed in content creation and the ability to sculpt the most-desired curricula for their program.  It's been a hit.

Our latest enhancements build on that, providing new ways for faculty and groups to create and collaborate on education more effectively.  Along the way, they've made small but powerful improvements to the overall user experience across the entire platform.

Here's what's new...

Notes and Bookmarks

Save custom notes and place bookmarks on any element and use them in other tools for faster work.

The concept of notes and bookmarks by themselves aren't too provocative, but the expansion and possibilities of online networking and collaboration with regard to online medical education makes them important.

We've developed our first launch of note taking and bookmarking tools within the platform.  The true power of these enhancements is not simlply the ability to apply a note to an element or bookmark a favorite question or place in a course to return to later.  The true power is what you can do with those user-created pieces of information after that.

Here's a summary our latest enhancements and what they do for you.

Look for these Buttons

You'll see this button set throughout your course structure and content.


Take Notes on any content, review, edit, and jump to locations

Paraphrasing information into custom notes is said to double retention of that information. Users now have the ability to create, save and edit study notes on any location or content item.

  • You can add notes on exams, topics, assessments, and questions.
  • You can add multiple notes on the same object.
  • All notes will list on the Notes and Bookmarks page, under the Notes tab.
  • On that page, you can filter and search, review, edit, and delete notes.
  • You can jump directly the location or content object on which your note is based.
  • Notes are great for self-study use, but they are also helpful for faculty analyzing content for use and discussion or in creating custom questions among their faculty group.
Using Notes


Bookmark favorite or important content, jump to locations, and use in tools

Bookmarks allow you to mark specific locations or content and later return to or use that location or content. Users now have the ability to save bookmarks on any location or content item.

  • You can add bookmarks on exams, topics, assessments, and questions.
  • There are two types of bookmarks:
    • Favorites (heart) - content you like and may want to use later*.
    • Attention (exclamation) - content you want to review later, or investigate further.
  • All bookmarks will list on the Notes and Bookmarks page, under the Bookmarks tab.
  • On that page, you can filter and search, review the bookmarked content, and delete your bookmarks
  • You can jump directly the location or content object on which your note is based.
  • *Bonus: If you "Favorite" questions, you will be able to see those questions for quick selection in your Exam Builder.  Favorites will appear as a selection in course selection.
  • Bookmarks are great for self-study use, but they are also helpful for faculty analyzing content for use and discussion or in creating custom questions among their faculty group.
Using Bookmarks

Improved Reports

More user data and easier data use.

As more institutions adopt Med-Challenger for their online education programs, we've received many plaudits, but just as many critiques.  And that's good.  We've been able to listen to a variety of suggestions and applications across multiple organization types to find the most important and desired tools and features.  One was to create better reporting tools for program administrators.  

More Information and Tracking Data

We've completely replaced our program "score card" report with a faster spreadsheet compatible export tool that provides more information about learner progress, performance, and question tracking information.  Faculty can track the number of questions seen, attempted, and correctly answered per user and more.

Spreadsheet-friendly .CSV File Export

We've taken the approach that getting and using the data is more important than a fixed design for paper printing.  Reading outputs is still easy (if not easier), but we're also exporting to .CSV (comma delimited values) file format.  This format is native to all spreadsheet applications so it frees all users to take their user data and process it however they want.

This also allows us to bring a lot more data into user hands, allowing users to import data into other programs or systems for manipulation and analysis.

Disable Pop-Up Blocker. Make sure you allow "pop-ups" (pop-up windows) in order to download and save your .CSV export file.

Improved User Experience

We've made a number of small changes that make a big impact to the visual and usage experience.

More screen space

We looked at every screen and found ways to gain more "real estate" on screen.  This greatly enhances usability on smaller screens as well as provides area for new tools and controls.  Desktop users gain 27% more content area.  Mobile users gain 42%.  You'll see and appreciate the difference immediately.

More Content Area on Desktop
More Content Area on Mobile

Improved themes, color contrasts, and readability

We "lightened and tightened" things up a bit.  As fast as we can develop features that benefit our users, it was time to tidy up.  Elements like sub-menus, search, and other tools were getting lost, especially in Dark theme.  A little streamlining and design refresh does wonders.

  • Fonts, buttons, menus, creation wizards, and content layouts have all been updated for clarity and improved ease of use.
  • You'll notice refined "negative space" around content objects and text and better overall contrast of text to backgrounds in both Light and Dark themes.
  • We also made the Light theme the default theme for new users and our store.  
  • Along the way, we ironed out several performance and browser display bugs and updated all code libraries to the most current web standards.  This means better function on all browsers and devices.

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Explore each group member's assignment history and performance, including completion of course assets in general.

Track Course Activity

Explore the completion of a specific asset (course) by your group members. 

Group Medical Education, Med-Challenger Dashboard, MOC, CME
Group Medical Education, Med-Challenger Dashboard, MOC, CME

Tools for Your Group Members

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