What is MyEMCert – Information about the new ABEM Recertification Alternative Track, Exam Modules, Requirements, and How to Prepare

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MyEMCert - Information, requirements, exam modules, questions, how it works, and how to prepare for MyEMCert exams

MyEMCert - What is it, What to Know, and How to Prepare

What you need to know about ABEM's new alternative to the ConCert exam - MyEMCert.

MyEMCert is a new alternative recertification option for ABEM-certified physicians seeking to re-certify.  Physicians who are eligible and select the MyEMCert option will not be required to take the ConCert Exam or LLSA tests.  In this article, we'll outline the key points about the MyEMCert track, how it works, what to expect, and how to best prepare for the MyEMCert modules.  We'll answer some common MyEMCert questions along the way.

With the introduction of MyEMCert, The American Board of Emergency Medicine will now provide two "tracks" to ABEM recertification - the ConCert track and the MyEMCert track.  (graphic courtesy of abem.org)

about MyEMCert - concert track vs myemcert track for ABEM recertification

Per the American Board of Emergency Medicine, in 2020, approximately 1,200 ABEM-certified physicians will participate in a three- to six-month pilot of MyEMCert. Physicians eligible for the pilot must have become certified or recertified within the last five years (i.e., after 2016).  Physicians will need to complete three modules, and will have three attempts to pass each one. 

Overall, if your current certification ends in 2022 or later you will have the option of maintaining your certifiction using MyEMCert. 

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