MyEMCert – Information about the new ABEM Recertification Alternative Track, Exam Modules, Requirements, and How to Prepare

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MyEMCert - Information, requirements, exam modules, questions, how it works, and how to prepare for MyEMCert exams

MyEMCert - What is it, What to Know, and How to Prepare

What you need to know about ABEM's new alternative to the ConCert exam - MyEMCert.

MyEMCert is a new alternative recertification option for ABEM-certified physicians seeking to re-certify.  Physicians who are eligible and select the MyEMCert option will not be required to take the ConCert Exam or LLSA tests.  In this article, we'll outline the key points about the MyEMCert track, how it works, what to expect, and how to best prepare for the MyEMCert modules.  We'll answer some common MyEMCert questions along the way.

With the introduction of MyEMCert, The American Board of Emergency Medicine will now provide two "tracks" to ABEM recertification - the ConCert track and the MyEMCert track.  (graphic courtesy of

about MyEMCert - concert track vs myemcert track for ABEM recertification

Per the American Board of Emergency Medicine, in 2020, approximately 1,200 ABEM-certified physicians will participate in a three- to six-month pilot of MyEMCert. Physicians eligible for the pilot must have become certified or recertified within the last five years (i.e., after 2016).  Physicians will need to complete three modules, and will have three attempts to pass each one. 

Overall, if your current certification ends in 2022 or later you will have the option of maintaining your certifiction using MyEMCert. 

What is MyEMCert?

MyEMCert Alternative for Maintenance of Certification

The American Board of Emergency Medicine (ABEM) has developed MyEMCert as the alternative to taking the ConCert Exam and completing LLSAs for ABEM MOC and recertification.  Yes, there are now two "tracks" to ABEM recertification.  The newest track is called MyEMCert and it is designed to improve the recertification process, quality of practice knowledge, and quality of life for ABEM diplomates.

MyEMCert Summary:

  • Content consists of eight (8) presentation-based, topic-specific modules (e.g., Abdominopelvic Presentations).
  • Content will also include recent advances, which could be on any topic - think ConCert + LLSA content in any mix.
  • You must complete (pass) one module every year.
  • Three "versions" of a module will be available each year - one chance on each version (if you need it).
  • You must pass at least one of the three.  If not, you have to wait until next year.
  • Grading is pass / fail, results and feedback information will be delivered through your ABEM profile account
  • Physicians will be able to access the exam remotely, via computer, tablet, etc most days of the year.
  • Once started, a module must be completed within the allotted time - you can't stop the timer.
  • Physicians may use any reference materials they like.
  • Physicians must take the assessments alone, without any collaboration.
  • If you participate in MyEMCert, you no longer have to take the ConCert exam -or- complete LLSAs
  • The MyEMCert path is not required, but once you pick, you must stick to your chosen path and complete it.
  • If your certification expires in 2019, 2020, or 2021, you must still complete the ConCert exam and LLSAs.
  • If your certification expires in 2022 or later, you can participate in MyEMCert for recertification.

Keep reading for more details about the exam, answers to common MyEMCert questions, and how to prepare for MyEMCert.

MyEMCert Exam Information

About the Emergency Medicine MOC Alternative "MyEMCert"

MyEMCert modules will consist of eight (8) short assessment modules of 30 - 50 questions eachEach module addresses a category of common patient presentations in the emergency department.

Four modules must be completed every five years (x2) - a total of eight modules required in each ten-year certification cycle.  

Each module includes recent advances in Emergency Medicine (that may or may not be related to the category of patient presentation). Therefore, if you participate in MyEMCert you do not also have to take LLSAs.

However, diplomates who have less than ten years remaining on their current certification and who choose to participate in MyEMCert will have less time to complete eight modules before their certification expires.

However, diplomates who have less than ten years remaining on their current certification and who choose to participate in MyEMCert will have less time to complete eight modules before their certification expires.

There will be three versions of each MyEMCert module available in any given year.

One module registration fee will cover three attempts of the same module. If the third attempt within that year is unsuccessful, the physician will need to wait until the following year, when a new version becomes available.

Questions will be accessible remotely using computers or tablets.

Physicians can select the order in which they take the modules. There is no particular order in which topics must be covered.

The modules are designed to assist your learning.

You can take a module without studying since you can attempt each module multiple times. Three attempts are available for each registration. Remember that ABEM never discloses your pass/fail information without a signed release from you.

You can take MyEMCert modules at home at specific times of the day, most days of the year.

Note: The exact available times are yet to be determined.

Although MyEMCert must be taken alone—without collaboration—you can look up information of your choice—for example, textbooks or online resources to which you subscribe—while completing a module.

Each MyEMCert module must be completed within a set amount of time. Test takers can take breaks during the exam, but the test clock will not stop. It will continue to run so plan ahead. Modules cannot be saved and revisited later. Once started, a module will count as an attempt even if it is not completed.

Physicians will be informed about whether they passed or failed shortly after the module is submitted.  Feedback will be provided after the module has been submitted for scoring and will include the correct answer and the rationale for the correct answer.

Although the modules are designed to be taken without studying - some portion of ConCert board exam review and LLSA article review is recommended to ensure first-time passing scores.  You are supposed to already have a fairly comprehensive knowledge of the information.  Looking up too much information on the spot may cost you too much time and may jeopardize the completion of all questions.

If one version of a module is not passed, a different version of the same module can be re-attempted immediately.  There are three versions of each module - and thus, three chances to pass.  ABEM states feedback about the modules could be used to identify possible knowledge gaps before the physician retakes a different version of the module.


Frequently Asked Questions about MyEMCert

If your certification ends in 2019, 2020, or 2021.

You will not be able to recertify by participating in MyEMCert.  You must first pass the traditional ConCert exam, complete your LLSAs, and attest to completion of practice improvement activities by your current certification expiration date to renew certification.

Once you recertify, you will be able to begin participating in MyEMCert for your new recertification cycle.

If your certification expires in or after 2022.

You may choose to participate in MyEMCert to recertify starting when MyEMCert becomes available in 2021.

You will need to complete eight MyEMCert modules by the end of your current ten-year certification, as well as practice improvement activities and having all medical licenses in compliance with ABEM’s Policy on Medical Licensure.

However, you will not have a LLSA requirement.

If you have already completed several LLSAs.

If choose to participate in MyEMCert,  you will receive monetary credit for any LLSAs that you have registered for since your certification start date. The credit can be used toward payment for MyEMCert modules.

Completed LLSAs do NOT count as completed MyEMCert modules.

MyEMCert modules are an alternative to successfully completing the ConCert Exam and LLSAs. An LLSA is therefore not equivalent to a MyEMCert module.

You NOT required to participate in MyEMCert once it is implemented.  It's a choice.

MyEMCert is an alternative path to ABEM recertification via the ConCert + LLSAs path.

For now you will be able to continue in the ConCert track if you prefer, with the same LLSA, practice improvement, and ConCert requirements that are currently in place.

How to let ABEM know you want to participate in MyEMCert.

Starting in 2021, if your certification expires in or after 2022, you will be able to choose MyEMCert when you sign in to your ABEM Personal Page.

You pick, but whatever path you start - complete it. 

If you participate in MyEMCert, but am unable to complete eight modules by the time your certification expires you will NO LONGER be certified.  However, ABEM always provides ways for previously certified physicians to regain certification. 

What's yet to be determined or published...

  • The specific requirements if you were in the MyEMCert track when your certification expired are still to be determined.
  • ABEM has not indicated if you fail the ConCert exam and lose certification, can you immediately participate in MyEMCert to recertify.
  • The exact fees for the modules.
  • The exact time limits on modules.

Visit the ABEM MyEMCert webpage.

How to Prepare for MyEMCert

Study tips and tricks for preparing for MyEMCert exams.

The easiest way to think about MyEMCert is it's all the ConCert exam content along with any new developments (typically topics from Lifelong Learning Self-Assessments (LLSAs).   The only differences are you are taking a smaller test more frequently and you aren't locked down in a physical testing center location all day.

Besides the benefit of online testing convenience, the core objective behind MyEMCert, like all of the newer MOC modalities coming to other specialties, is to test more frequently to ensure everyone knows or learns the latest information more consistently - instead of waiting years until a single, massive exam rolls around to review one's overall clinical knowledge in their specialty.

However, the material encompassed is the same material as the traditional ConCert and LLSA exams.

To prepare properly for MyEMCert, you should:

  • Use a proven ConCert board review online.
  • Review all current LLSA article topics.
  • Ideally, you can find an ABEM MOC study package that includes both ConCert and LLSA review.
  • Select an online platform that allows you to create custom exams where you can set up a MyEMCert simulation review.  That is, a resource where you can load up both your ConCert and LLSA question banks, select 30-50 questions on attempt, and keep hitting that custom exam until you feel confident.
Med-Challenger is recommended for MyEMCert exam preparation.

Here's why - Med-Challenger is the only online ABEM recertification exam review for MyEMCert that offers:

  • Both ConCert exam review and LLSA articles content review together (Tip: see their EM PRO bundle),
  • A single online account to all materials (one login),
  • Up-to-date ConCert exam and LLSA question banks with automatically added new information,
  • Tons of required CME credits built in (earn AMA and ACEP credits as you study),
  • Intelligent custom exam tools allow you to blend content from multiple course resources, like ConCert exam plus LLSA questions in one experience, much like the MyEMCert format.
  • Lasting MyEMCert exam prep convenience - when you build a MyEMCert prep exam with Med-Challenger, you can use it to study for every occasion year after year.
  • Works for all ABEM MOC paths, should you need or decide to switch path option later.
  • No full price re-buys - you save money every year due to Med-Challenger's cost-saving membership renewal.

Med-Challenger is the only platform that does all this.  

Disclaimer: Med-Challenger is neither endorsed by nor affiliated with the American Board of Emergency Medicine. Claims are based on information publicly published by ABEM and Med-Challenger exam review products, results, and capabilities.

Get more tips about preparing for ABEM MOC exams here. 

Check out our emergency medicine board exam survival guide with tips and tricks to ace your ConCert exam or your MyEMCert modules.  

MyEMCert study guide
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Leading online EM board review course providers, such as Med-Challenger (pictured), are a great way to optimize your  MyEMCert exam preparation time and ensure all MyEMCert exam topics are properly mastered.