Med-Challenger and PACEMD Partner in Spanish-language USMLE and Emergency Medicine Education Initiative in Latin America

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Spanish-language USMLE and emergency medicine medical education initiative in latin america launched by Med-Challenger and PACEMD

Med-Challenger and PACEMD Partner in Spanish-language USMLE and Emergency Medicine Education Initiative in Latin America

The Memphis-based national education company, Challenger Corporation (, announced today an initiative to expand and deepen emergency medicine test preparation and remediation curricula for residents and medical students in Latin America.

The program is a joint venture with PACE MD (, the Mexico-based education organization founded by Haywood Hall, MD, FACEP, FIFEM, FAAEM.

Under this new venture, the parties will create online channels for candidates for the USMLE exams, live seminars in Latin America and access to such courses as the PACE MED-Spanish Clinical Glossary and translated versions of the Challenger English-language USMLE curriculum.  The Spanish-language USMLE course will be produced by PACEMD and eventually distributed online.  Through the venture, students and Latin America can also affordably purchase a special Med-Challenger/PACEMD English-language USMLE course as a way to enhance their English-language medical communication and test taking skills.

Dr. Hall, who was born in Brooklyn (but raised in Mexico until 8 years old), was recognized by the American College of Emergency Medicine (ACEP), as a Hero of International Emergency Medicine and also won the International Federation of Emergency Medicine (IFEM) Humanitarian Award. His programs have been directly responsible for the introduction of the highest standards of medical care and training to thousands of Spanish speaking providers throughout Latin America.

Dr. Hall states, "When I started out, ACEP had very few Latin Americans involved.  I worked for many years alongside IFEM to bring in a Latin American focus, working in countries that not only had residency programs already set up, but that were also recognized by their respective governments. That’s how Panama, Venezuela, Ecuador and Cuba joined as full members. The impact has been tremendous in bringing the highest quality of emergency medicine education to those populations, improving care and continuing education in areas that have been under resourced. Now that we have a solid foothold in these regions, this venture seeks to further benefit the medical education quality and retention of students during the most formative years of their healthcare profession."

Dr. Hall also brought in ALACED (Asociación Latinoamericana de Cooperación en Emergencias y Desastres,, as an Ex-Officio Member of the IFEM (a status also belonging to PACEMD). Dr. Hall was instrumental in organizing the first IFEM International Symposium in San Miguel de Allende in 2011, consolidating the successful bid for the International Congress of Emergency Medicine in Mexico City in 2018, to later launch the first Pan-American Forum in Emergency Care and Global Health in 2018, followed by a second Forum in 2019.

Dr. Hall's expertise in emergency medicine and telehealth has most recently taken him to China, where he acted as a consultant in developing colossal health care systems, servicing populations as big as 6.5 million people.

Dr. Hall was aware of Challenger's educational content quality and distance-learning platform utilities from being a Challenger Lifetime Subscriber for nearly 20 years.

Challenger Corporation is widely known by it's Med-Challenger brand in online medical education courseware and institutional education. Challenger has served nearly 50,000 individual emergency physicians over the last 25 years, as well as more than 500 teaching institutions in emergency medicine and primary care specialties.  The company’s courses combine peer-reviewed, high-quality content with an assessment and remediation process based on principles developed by professional educational psychologists for effective test preparation. Challenger's Learning Management System (LMS) is among the standard-setting platforms for evaluation and tracking of individual and cohort performance in clinical settings.

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