New State CME Requirements for 2020, State-Required CME Course

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2020 state cme requirements course updated

New State CME Requirements for 2020, State-required CME Course

Our #1 State CME Requirements Course has been updated for 2020 and it's included in all PRO bundles.

Med-Challenger is a leading provider of state-required CME credit resources and specialized state medical board CME credits.  Now Med-Challenger's State CME credit course has been updated for 2020.

The 2020 State-required CME credit course is also included in all Med-Challenger PRO bundles - lifelong education and continuous certification in EMFM, IM, Peds/PEM, NP and PA.

PRO bundles provide everything medical specialists need at every step - at a monster savings.  PRO bundles save as much as 50% off regular prices.  And you'll never have to re-buy these assets again.  Our Premium Membership plan saves you money year after year and keeps these resources up-to-date and ready for use for annual state CME requirements and more.

State CME Requirements Course

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Satisfy State-required CME anytime, anywhere, year after year, with Med-Challenger's State CME Requirements course. Continually updated.

Newly Updated for 2022 - 2023.


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Course includes:

Course Highlights:

  • 1000+ high-yield board-style questions with detailed explanations
  • 80 topics, including new topics annually
  • Media banks featuring high-resolution images and more

Built-in CME Credits:

  • 100 AMA Category 1 CME credits
  • Re-usable every year with active membership.
  • Produce certificates anytime for all needs

The end of the year is coming, and with it, licensure requirements are coming due.

We can help you fulfill your annually required CME.

Most states require 20 to 40 hours a year of approved CME annually to maintain licensure.  AMA PRA Category 1(™) credits are the route to this. That part is easy.  Now there is a host of individual state-required CME topics.

In 2006, Florida became the first state legislature to mandate that physician CME had to include one hour a year on Domestic Violence Prevention.  This has opened the floodgates to legislative involvement in CME for clinical professionals ranging from physicians to dental hygienists. Almost every state now has specific topical requirements for annual CME.  We have no idea where this ends. 

In the last year, some states have begun mandating opioid or pain management CME.  Physician assistants are becoming responsible for professionalism CME. Many states now require, in addition to topical CME such as domestic violence prevention or infection control, CME hours designated as Stroke Center (Joint Commission) or Trauma Center (ACS) hours. 

Most states that are including Stroke Center and Trauma Center CME requirements have an initial first year credit amount, then a smaller amount each year, or in some cases over three year windows.

With Med-Challenger, you can produce CME certificate PDFs, printable for submission to state or licensure boards or for Stroke Center and Trauma Center applications. 

Looking for your state CME requirements?

Try our interactive map.

2020 State CME Courses

Here are some other popular state CME courses.  See more in our Store.
Most are included in select Med-Challenger PRO bundles.

Medical Professionalism CME Course

Earn Professionalism CME credit every time you need it.
medical professionalism cme credit coursemedical professionalism cme credit course

Medical Professionalism CME related to acute and primary care practice.

Course Highlights:

  • Confidently manage the broad spectrum of medical professionalism problems encountered in primary and acute care
  • Understand medical professionalism fundamentals and improve the relationship-centered expectations required to practice medicine competently
  • Review medical ethics, patient management, practice management, law, and interactions with industry
  • Over 100 case-based board-style questions including images, diagrams, and more
  • Adaptive self-assessment with guided remediation
  • Produce CME certificates with topic names in PDF, printable for use with state level submissions.

Retail Value:


Stroke Center CME Course

Satisfy Stroke CME Requirements
Stroke CME Requirements course

Earn and claim Stroke CME online in required topics, and stay compliant with Stroke Center CME training mandates. Continually updated.

Course Highlights:

  • Confidently manage the broad spectrum of acute, emergent and chronic medical problems encountered by stroke center personnel
  • Formulate differential diagnosis and initiate treatment for stroke patients
  • Over 100 case-based board-style Stroke Skills Review Q&A including images and more
  • Earn up to 8 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™

Retail Value:


Trauma Center CME Course

Satisfy Trauma CME Requirements
Trauma CME Requirements course

Earn and claim Trauma CME online in required topics, and stay compliant with Trauma Center CME training mandates. Continually updated.

Course Highlights:

  • Confidently manage the broad spectrum of medical problems encountered when providing emergency medicine services to patients suffering traumatic injuries
  • Relate electrocardiographic findings to their associated history and physical findings
  • Over 600 board-style questions, including images and more
  • Earn up to 45 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™

Retail Value:


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