Female Physicians Get Honored in “Girl Docs Rock” Healthcare Art Poster, Free Download

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Female physicians celebrated in inspirational art poster download

Female Physicians Celebrated in New Healthcare Art Poster

"Girl Docs Rock"

Female physicians rock.  2017 was the first year that more women enrolled in U.S. medical schools than men according to the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) where in women comprised 50.7 percent of 21,338 enrollees in 2017, compared to 49.8 percent of 19,254 enrollees in 2016.

That's quite a change.  In 1965, only about one in 10 U.S. medical school enrollees was a woman.  A hundred years before that, few medical schools admitted women at all.

And true, while significant progress has been made, women continue to face gender barriers and disparities while training and working as doctors.  Female physicians are paid 26 percent less on average than their male peers, according to one recent analysis. Female physicians are underrepresented in faculty and leadership positions at U.S. medical schools and female physicians have been less likely to be chosen as speakers in grand rounds.

Nonetheless, research indicates female doctors do just as well as male doctors in terms of patient outcomes. What's more, studies indicate female physicians tend to communicate better with their patients.

Studies suggest that female physicians achieve patient outcomes that are as good or better on average than those of their male peers.  In 2013, researchers in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine reported that patients of female physicians had comparable mortality rates to patients of male physicians.  The authors of the report found no statistically significant differences in prescription drug expenditures, office visits, or hospital use between patients of female and male doctors.

More recent research suggests that on average, female doctors may even have a slight edge in some areas.  One study found patients treated by female doctors had slightly lower mortality and readmission rates than patients treated by male doctors.

In addition, several studies have found that female doctors are more likely to adhere to clinical guidelines and provide more frequent preventive care than their male counterparts.  Another analysis, found that female physicians typically conduct longer patient visits than male physicians, tend to ask more questions to elicit patients’ opinions and check for mutual understanding and they tend to ask more questions and provide more counseling on psychosocial issues related to lifestyle, daily living activities, social relationships, coping strategies, and stress.

Celebrating Female Physicians

Student Art Poster Inspires

Healthcare providers know a happy burst of inspiration and appreciation can go a long way toward keeping your spirits high and mind in the game during long days in the hospital or clinic.  What's even better is when that inspiration comes from our younger citizens recognizing the care and commitment of today's providers.

Med-Challenger is proud to present an art poster entitled "Girl Docs Rock" by 12 year old artist Lara A. from Memphis, TN.  Lara is already an accomplished artist, having created cover art for two books by novelist and educator Fernando Duran Ayanegui.  As a student at the prestigious Lausanne Collegiate School in Memphis, TN, she can usually be found making people laugh or tucked away drawing meaningful characters and scenes in her own unique style. 

"I think it's good that girls understand we can be smart, strong, and not be afraid, still be compassionate and help people - and a doctor is a good example. But I think, whatever you do, everything is better when you stay fun, you know, and have confidence in your own personality. That helps people too. A lot of times people are in pain emotionally just as much as physically."

Lara A.
female physicians are celebrated in an art poster by a young Memphis artist

Self-portrait by the artist.

When asked about any thoughts that lead to the work, the artist said, "I think it's good that girls see you can be smart, strong, and not be afraid, still be compassionate and help people - and a doctor is a good example.  But I think, whatever you do, everything is better when you stay fun, you know, and have confidence in your own personality. That helps people too.  A lot of times people are in pain emotionally just as much as physically."

We're happy to provide this piece to all with the blessing of the artist.  We have reached out to help support her ongoing work and contributions.  We hope that Lara will continue to produce work that heals and helps.

"Imagine how delighed we were to recieve original art from such a young artist. With its "Girl Docs Rock" sentiment, it was clear to me that the piece deserved to be shared with our healthcare provider audience." says Med-Challenger COO, Laura Goodman-Bryan.

We hope you enjoy it.

Download the Full Poster:

Female physicians celebrated in Girl Docs Rocks inspirational art poster for female doctors

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