The Easiest Way to Earn CME Credits and CME Certificates for Physicians, Nurses, and Physician Assistants

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easiest way to earn cme credits and cme certificates for physicians, nurses, and physician assistants pa

The Easiest Way to Earn CME Credits and CME Certificates for Physicians, Nurses, and Physician Assistants

Every year continuing education requirements come due and time is short. What's the easiest way to earn CME credit and document your CME credit compliance?

If you are a physician, nurse or physician assistant, you need to fulfill continuing education requirements, be they AMA Category 1 credits or more specialized CME credits, pretty much every year.  If you don't have much time - like any healthcare provider working today - there comes a time when you get tired of scraping by at the last minute and want a fast, but quality solution to your CME requirements.  Since requirements are due like clockwork, it's a pattern.  And if it's a pattern you can plan for it.  Thankfully, someone has been thinking about more than "getting through one exam" - and getting through the bigger picture of your healthcare certification throughout your career.

December 31st is coming.  It comes every year. 

Physicians, nurses and PA's are so busy they often put off CME compliance until the last minute, leaving them to scramble to earn and document required continuing education credits before the deadline - typically by December 31st as CME credit compliance is mostly governed on the calendar year.

There's the long way.  Generally, there are many sources of CME credit, but they vary wildly in quality, true educational impact, and convenience.  Um, yeah, you can "find CME anywhere."  Online sources who are funded by industry are usually the most available because the CME is for marketing and sales.  The education scope is extremely limited meaning it's a quarter hour here - half an hour over here.  It is doable but it takes forever and you spend more time adminstrating you education than actually protecting and growing the scope and breadth of your clinical knowledge.   

There's the difficult way.  It's not too hard to understand that working online in a moment's notice is a lot more efficient than traveling to a live event over several days.  Plus, live CME events by nature are somewhat haphazard.  Each experience is different.  Do you get a single paper certificate to keep safe for months?  Can you describe specifically what you have you done for specialized requirements?  Can you earn, record, and document your earnings across all the "flavors of CME credits" you are responsible for with some systemic control?  

What's the best way?  Many online board review courses may solve some portion of standard AMA Category 1 requirements, but not much else.  That is, you're no better off unless you have resources that are built for more than board review and "vanilla" CME.  The ideal CME solution is something that can satisfy all of your other specialized CME obligations and do it in a simple, easy way, year after year.  

It turns out that's where options run short.  Just like your time and energy.

The only CME credit resource or CME course provider that facilitates that type of efficiency, where you can earn CME credits of multiple types, have detailed records, produce certificates at any time, from anywhere, have an electronic log, and re-usable resource for earning CME every year is Med-Challenger.

There are many worthwhile CME sources, but nothing quite as easy, effective, and smart as the way Med-Challenger works.

easiest way to earn cme credits

Right from your Med-Challenger account's dashboard, you can find, earn, and claim CME credits.  Types of CME credit available depend on what course assets you have in your account.  Some courses provide multiple CME types.  You never have to re-buy these assets.  You can earn CME credit from them every year.

fastest and easiest way to earn cme credit online

Med-Challenger courses are modular and complised of CME topic segments.  By completing topic assessments, you earn credit in that topic.  Typically one credit per topic.  Courses can contain hundred of topics.

earn and claim cme credits whenever you need them

After you have earned credits, you can choose how to "claim" them and produce CME certificates.   One of the truly helpful aspects of the way Med-Challenger does it, is that you don't have to claim CME one topic at a time.  You simply work and accrue any sum of credits.  You can then claim a "batch" of CMEs of a specific type.  If a topic provides both AMA and AAFP credit, you don't have to pass the topic test twice, you can claim each of the types separately for that one topic. 

The CME certificates are PDFs that are easy to print.  The certificates list every topic title so it's very clear to any CME authority that you've complied with specific topic requirements.  If you lose your PDF file or have some other mishap - you can simply reproduce it.   Everything is saved in your online Med-Challenger account. 

produce cme certificates online easily

What types of CME credits are available?

Types of continuing medical education credits (CME credits) provided by Med-Challenger include:

Credits are earned by scoring 80% or higher on topic assessments.

CME credit certificates produced through Med-Challenger will list each topic completed by name with corresponding credit values earned.  This makes reporting CME earnings to various organizations easy.  Credits may be applied for State requirements, specialty workplace requirements (stroke, cardiac, trauma centers) and other standards such as professionalism and other competencies.

CME and Accreditation information is located in the "Course Info" section of each course.

Med-Challenger renews their accreditations and certifications prior to ACCME activity expirations so there is no interruption in CME services.  See more information about earning and claiming CME in our support library.

"I think people are missing the overall utility of Med-Challenger.  Yes, you got something for board review and passed your exam, but there's a real lasting benefit to your Med-Challenger membership yearly.  The ability to hop in, review through up-to-date content in whatever area, complete assessments and cash out credits in certificates is something that is useful this year and every year.  Don't have to re-buy items either.  I swear by Med-Challenger. They just do more for me than other board review question banks I've tried."

Pradip Kumar, MD
easiest way to earn cme, specialized and specialty cme
easiest way to earn cme credit for state required cme

How does a Med-Challenger account work?

Customize. Utilize. Never dies.

It really is this easy.


Get an account.

Start a free online account

Just for signing up, you'll enjoy...

  • A free 100-question "Express" board review question bank in your specialty with 5 free CME credits.
  • Ability to play our free CME Quick Quiz game, earn more free CME, and rank against peers
  • Access to informative CME blog articles written by our board-certified expert authors.  

Start a free full trial of any full-version board review, MOC, or CME course asset.  Any CME work you complete in a course will be there when you purchase it.

No credit card necessary to sign up or trial products.  No contracts or catches.

Make it yours.

Add Premium content assets to your single account via one-time purchases in our Store.

Enjoy a full year of access to all of your assets and account features with any purchase.

Use your content assets with a host of built-in intelligent assessment, adaptive exam sims, custom exams, and more.

Work anywhere, on any device, anytime. Pick from light and dark themes and more.

Need something else for MOC? Just add it to your account.  You buy assets once. Your single login contains everything.

Never worry.

Purchased assets remain in your one account and are kept up-to-date, including CME credit eligibility and annual materials.  Useful all year.

After one year, simply renew your account access to ALL of your assets with a single annual membership fee (just $199/yr) - a fraction of your overall spend.  Start. Stop. Renew when you want. It's ok. No re-buys! 

Your specialized career resources will remain ever-ready in one spot, so you save time, money, travel, and stress every year.  Nothing beats it.  You'll see.  Start now.

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