Med-Challenger Releases Online Course and Question Editing Platform

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online course and question editing for schools and organizations

Med-Challenger Releases Online Course and Question Editing Platform

Create and curate online courses, questions, and assessment

On September 19, 2019, Med-Challenger announced the release of new authoring tools allowing schools and training organizations to create courses and tests for its medical education platform.  

Med-Challenger has introduced new custom authoring tools that allow customers to create their own stand-alone courses, as well as mix and merge the customer’s content with Challenger’s own courses.  The new authoring tools allow schools, residencies, and other health care organizations tasked with training and assessment to create their own curricula, curate and organize learning content created by their organization, and enhance pre-built courses with their own proprietary content, including audio, video, and imagery.

Challenger has built a reputation in the medical community for delivering computer-based learning and assessment material since 1991. The new authoring tools allow faculty to create custom courses and questions, create online assessments, and assign activities to online students.

create online courses and questions

Create online courses and custom questions.

create online tests and assessments

Create online tests and assessments.

distribute online assignments to distance learning students

Distribute your custom content and tests via online assignments and track compliance and performance.

Online content creation and curation

Ideal for online distance learning programs

“Facilitating collaborative online learning has long been a goal of Challenger,” said Bob Sweeney, Executive Director of Challenger.  “We know from the experience of maintaining over 60,000 pages of constantly changing education material just what a burden content creation and curation can put on an organization.”

The authoring tools are offered at no additional charge to medical program faculty and administrators.  Rapid change in certification environments, curricula in medical and nursing schools, and expansion of online and blended learning programs is increasing the need for effective asynchronous education platforms, as well as provable measurements of health care masteries.

“In many advanced medical certifications, enrollments in online or blended learning programs now exceed enrollments at traditional higher education environments.  Med-Challenger is excited to be bringing its extensive experience and tools for curation and creation of content to these organizations,” said David Beard, CEO of Challenger Corporation.

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