How to Create Your Own Medical Education Questions and Tests Online

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Build your own questions and test online with Med-Challenger

How to Build Your Own Questions and Tests Online with Med-Challenger's Question Builder

Do you have your own medical education question banks but don't have an easy way to use them online? Add your own questions online - even blend your custom questions with our gold-standard Q&A in e-assignable custom exams - and create the ideal 24/7 clinical knowledge testing solution for your program.

Med-Challenger has introduced new question authoring tools to its online medical education platform. Group program managers and educators can now create, edit, organize, and deploy your own custom questions - all within Med-Challenger.

That's right!  With Med-Challenger's on-demand, exam-based question banks – and the ability to add your own questions – there’s no faster, easier, or more flexible way to create an online curriculum and testing strategy specific to your education program objectives.  You can even blend your custom questions with Med-Challenger's gold-standard questions in assignable online custom exams for unparalleled online clinical knowledge assessment - just the way you want.

Med-Challenger is the first online education platform to offer this type of question creation and deployment ability to its users.  Enjoy a new world of possibilities for improved training outcomes.

For more information: request a demonstration online, email or call us toll-free 1-800-676-0822.

"Med-Challenger is the first online education platform to offer custom question authoring with integrated deployment abilities to its users. Whether you use our gold-standard questions, build your own - or blend the two - there's no limit to what you can craft, push, and achieve with Med-Challenger."David Beard, Med-Challenger CEO

Online Question Authoring Tools for Clinical Educators

Accounts with "authoring" enabled will see an Authoring Tools navigation item in their portal menu.

"My Questions" is the component where you can create, edit, and organize your custom questions. Here's an example of a few folders with questions placed inside.

drag and drop organization of questions

Create Your Own Online Question Library

Entering "My Questions" takes you to your Question Library. This is where you can add, edit, and reorganize your questions. You can search for questions within your library using the search field. Search filters items by text and by tag.

  • Users can create questions and folders.
  • Simply drag and drop your items into folders as you'd like and re-order your questions quickly.
  • Click "Undo" to revert any errant drag-and-drops.
  • To open and close folders, click the folder icon. To edit your folder's name, click the pencil icon.
  • To edit a question, find the question you'd like to edit (search). To edit a question, click the "pencil" edit icon next to the question's name.
Create your own question library online.

Easy-to-Use Question Editor - No HTML Skills Required

Our WYSIWYG question editor makes things easy.  No HTML coding experience necessary.

The "What-you-see-is-what-you-get" question editor allow you to:

  • Build question descriptions (label your questions for purpose / subject matter)
  • Upload your own images (add imagery to Q stems and remediation)
  • Add search tags to each question (for question searches)
  • Build question stems (full HTML formatting allowed)
  • Build answer options sets (designate correct and incorrect answers)
  • Build remediative answer explanations and references
    • "Default," simple option uses a single answer explanation (remediation passage) for both correct and incorrect question responses
    • "Advanced" option allows for different correct and incorrect explanations
    • "None" option provides no custom remediation, simply an indication of correct or incorrect.

Question types include:

  • single answer
  • multi-answer
  • true/false

More question types are planned.

Med-Challenger question builder - make your own questionsMed-Challenger question builder - make your own questions

Question Writing Tips:

  • Craft each question to "stand on its own" in that everything needed to answer the question (e.g. full case description, images, labs) is in the question stem.
  • Assessments randomize questions by default, so if you have multiple questions referring to the same case, restate the complete clinical case situation in each question stem.
  • Avoid inferred references to other questions in your stems that can befuddle randomized test takers, such as:
      • "in the previous question"
      • "based on your previous choice"
      • directions or references to any outside-of-this-stem resources, including external websites.
  • Sequential numbering is automatically applied in assessments. There is no need to add sequential question numbers to each stem.
  • Your question titles (Name) will not be seen by end users. Use titles for your own internal reference (i.e. the question's case subject, learning objective, source info, etc)
  • Post-answer remediation (answer explanations) should include detailed case practice rationales including why each respective answer option is correct or incorrect along with supportive content reference information.
  • Save your work before moving on to another question, switching platform features or closing your browser. Save prompts will alert you before you exit the question editor.
Library Tips:
  • Question Library Search filters on both Question Name text and any applied keyword Tags.
  • Organize your questions in folders. Your folder organization will be reflected in Custom Exam Builder menus. Select "Custom Questions" as your question source when creating a custom exam.
  • Click "Undo" to revert any errant drag-and-drop actions.

Code-safe Restrictions:

You can copy/paste pre-formatted text and text from webpages into the question content. However, hyperlinks, javascript and other code outside of basic HTML formatting tags (h1, strong, em, p, table, ul/ol, etc) will be auto-stripped (or functionally disabled) from question stems. Hyperlinks to outside resources are only allowed in post-question remediation answer explanations. Any remediation hyperlinks will open in a new window.

There's no faster way to create an online education program with assignable, adjunct assessment specific to your exact clinical training curriculum, knowledge assessment, and certification exam preparation needs.

Upload & Insert Images

Enhance your questions with images. Simply upload your images using the image uploader (.png, .jpg, .gif)

Select an image from our image library and click "insert image."

Coming soon, a more robust Media Manager will allow users more control over media titles and captions as well as use of other media types, such as documents and videos.

upload your own images

Set Publishing and Privacy Settings

Set publishing and privacy controls and control what questions are available for use in custom exams and to users and other faculty in your institution.

Set question privacy settings

Get User Feedback - Keep Questions Up-to-date

Once custom questions are deployed to users, users will be able to send editorial feedback and suggestions to question authors via "Report Question" feedback buttons.  Question authors will receive user editorial feedback via email.  Authors can then review and revise their custom questions as required in a timely fashion.

Meanwhile, we'll keep all of our Med-Challenger questions up-to-date in parallel.

Use Your Custom Questions in Assignable Custom Exams!

Once your question library houses your questions, you can then use your custom questions to create custom exams using our Exam Builder.

YES! You can now build customized online exams using your own questions - and then use Assignments to assign them out to your online learners!

When you are creating a custom exam, when you select a course (a question bank resource), choose "Custom Questions."

Your custom questions are their own question bank. You can build an exam using your questions only - or use multiple question sources to create a blended exams featuring your own questions and some from Med-Challenger content.

assignable custom examsonline exam builder

Share Questions Across Institutional Faculty - Save Faculty Labor

If other authors are enabled under your group institution, you can view and use questions from others - if allowed by the question author.

In-group authors can make their questions public or private. Public questions are available to review and use in Custom Exams. Only the owner of a question can edit it. If a question is marked "private" then no one but the owner can see the question. Keeping questions private is also a way to hide any of your "draft" or incomplete questions from others.

share custom questions with faculty

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