Top 6 Issues Facing Medical Residency Programs Today

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Top 6 issues facing medical education residency programs

6 Problems Facing Medical Residency Programs in 2019 – 2020

In the last few years, a lot has changed in the way medical residency programs are run, creating new hardships for program directors and an urgent need for smarter solutions regarding resident education and performance evaluation.
Top issues for residency program directors

Here are the top issues facing residency programs and residency program directors in 2019-2020.

Medical residency programs and residency directors are facing a variety of residency training issues today. In fact, these issues have become increasingly intrusive and frustrating at all medical training programs for some time. Here are the top 6 issues – and actionable solutions to consider in 2019, 2020 and beyond.

Restricted Resident In-Training Hours

How do you close the gap and provide relevant clinical cases to residents to counter restrictions on in-training time?

Leading online medical distance learning platforms can give program directors a way to push case-based learning activities to residents with adaptive knowledge assessment, assignment controls, instant prescriptive remediation, and on-demand performance indicators.

Solving Restricted Resident Duty Hours

Residency Budget & Bureaucracy Constraints

How can residency outcomes be improved when resources are scarce and decisions can take forever?

There are residencies out there that spend money, supervise the residents, and require them to do work. Those tend to be the successful residencies.

There are a growing number of residencies where the PD is over four or more different sites, has no budget, and pretty much just tosses self-study at the residents. These are the residencies that tend to have trouble.

Solving Residency Budget & Bureaucracy Constraints

Poor Oversight and Resident Supervision

How can residency oversight and supervision be improved when residents in academic centers being asked to do more and more patient care, eating up education time?

Supervision is a fundamental principle of medical education, but it hasn’t been a focus of accreditation, educational, professional, or governmental organizations’ standards until recently. The lack of attention means that residents may not be receiving appropriate supervision during training.

Improve Residency Oversight and Resident Supervision

Residency Training EPAs and ACGME Milestone Management

How can residency programs track and drive ACGME Milestone competency more effectively?

Resident training milestones were created by the ACGME in 2016 to help programs organize training.  Simply defined, a milestone is a significant point in development.

The reporting milestones are those posted on the ACGME website that each program must use to judge the developmental progress of its residents/fellows twice per year, and on which each program must submit reports through the ACGME’s Accreditation Data System (ADS).

How to Improve – and Track – ACGME Milestone Competencies

High Program Director Attrition Rates

How can your residency program avoid problems associated with Program Director attrition?

Program Director turnover now exceeds 20% per year. Over half of Program Directors will quit in the next four years.

How to Protect Residency Education from High Program Director Attrition

Onboarding & Assessing New Residents

Every year a new group of residents enters your program – but how can you “know who knows what” so you can apply effective training?

With the right tools, you can get your learners “on board” systemic education resources, assess knowledge and supply training toward resident interests immediately.

How to Onboard and Assess New Residents Easily

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