Important Issues Facing Urgent Care Centers Today

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Important Issues Facing Urgent Care Centers

There is no medical practice area in the United States changing quite as fast as Urgent Care. Faced with competitive pressures, saturation, consolidation, payor contracts, consumer benefits management and hospitals entering (and leaving) the market, staff training is just another issue they face.

It’s not all negative. Urgent Care centers are seeing positive benefits from the growth of high deductible plans, consumers that are more educated about benefits, and the medical silos protecting continuous care are dropping as insurers and hospitals look at Urgent Care centers as partners.

Aside from location, staffing and retention are the key to developing patient satisfaction and operating efficiently. The Urgent Care is a consumer-focused operation, with a broader set of practice responsibilities than a traditional clinical practice, or an emergency department.

Having staff that meet certification standards for Urgent Care, and maintaining in-practice training for changing practice standards can serve the urgent care in a number of ways. For physicians, the certification is from the AAPS, the Board Certified Urgent Care Medicine. For NP’s, increasingly they are looking at ENP certification. For RN’s, it’s been Ambulatory Care.

With staffing shortages, price pressures, and traffic growing at 5% a year for urgent care, in-training, cross-training, and even human resource training can end up on the back burner. But education, while a direct cost, provides ongoing benefits to the daily operation of the clinics. From screening new employee knowledge levels (and building remediation plans) to educating about how urgent care practice is different from either family or emergency medicine, investing in ongoing training improves the practice.

"Education, while a direct cost, provides ongoing benefits to the daily operation of the clinics."

Having training systems designed for urgent care centers helps new entrants navigate urgent care practice, and differentiates the staff. Not just for the consumer, but certification and provable training systems help establish credibility with the referral networks in the area.

As medical knowledge grows, and medical practice specializes, Urgent Care centers have emerged as the fastest growing on-demand consumer healthcare provider, and are evolving at an incredible rate. Generalists in the age of specialization, Urgent Care centers should invest not just in human resource training, but in clinical diagnostic and protocol training as well.

It would be of benefit to all of us.

Med-Challenger offers a complete education and training solution for urgent care centers & their clinical staff.

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