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Introducing AAMC Core EPA Milestone Tracking for Medical Schools

Medical Schools Can Now Track Medical Student Proficiency in All Core Entrustable Professional Activites (EPAs) for Entering Residency Online.

Med-Challenger, the leading provider of group medical education services to medical training progams, first introduced online training "milestone" management to its online medical education & assessment platform in 2018. Now Med-Challenger has added the ability for medical schools to quickly and easily evaluate, log, and document training milestone achievement for students in all Core Entrustable Professional Activities for Entering Residency (i.e. Medical School EPAs) as issued by the Association of American Medical Colleges.  It's latest addition to Med-Challenger's Education and Assessment Platform for Medical Schools.

What are the AAMC's Core Entrustable Professional Activites for Entering Residency?

In May 2014, the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) published new guidelines to provide expectations for both learners and teachers that include 13 activities that all medical students should be able to perform upon entering residency, regardless of their future career specialty.

The AAMC's Core Entrustable Professional Activities for Entering Residency PDF toolkit outlines each EPA - the 13 activities, each includes multiple sub-topic requirements - 48 proficiencies in all.

The guidelines are based on emerging literature documenting a performance gap at the transition point between medical school and residency training.

Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) EPA toolkit

Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs) were chosen as the framework for the guide because they offer a practical approach to assessing competence in real-world settings and impact both learners and patients.

As more and more medical schools adopt the AAMC's EPAs, the ability to manage and document medical student progress through the medical school EPAs has been of growing interest.

What are Medical School EPAs used for?

Simply defined, a milestone is a significant point in development.

For accreditation purposes, the Milestones are competency-based developmental outcomes (e.g., knowledge, skills, attitudes, and performance) that can be demonstrated progressively by medical students from the beginning of their education through graduation and entrance into residency.

Medical colleges must judge the developmental progress of its students and be able to report EPA achievement every year.

Curricular milestones are typically designed in conjunction with the EPA reporting milestones – EPA milestones are typically very descriptive (granular - 48 in all).

Primarily, they are utilized to guide curriculum development and specific assessments.

Up until now - it's been a real pain for medical school administrators to comply with these demands with limited time and resources.

EPA Origins

“EPA” stands for Entrustable Professional Activity, and was originally conceptualized by Olle ten Cate in the Netherlands. Dr. ten Cate recently updated his definition in the Journal of Graduate Medical Education: “EPAs are units of professional practice, defined as tasks or responsibilities that trainees are entrusted to perform unsupervised once they have attained sufficient specific competence. EPAs are independently executable, observable, and measurable in their process and outcome, and, therefore, suitable for entrustment decisions.” EPAs may incorporate multiple competencies. In other words, they describe what it is we expect a particular student to be able to do without supervision upon graduation.

Med-Challenger's New Medical School EPA Management Feature

Med-Challenger has mapped all AAMC EPAs into an easy-to-use management suite for medical school administrators and faculty using the AAMC's guidelines.

Online medical education platforms for medical schools can provide rich, on-demand resources for online exam-style review of skills and clinical knowledge required to successfully perform entrustable professional activities (EPAs).   Performance in entrustable activities is tied to milestone evaluation required of education program directors.

Medical School EPA Dashboard

ACGME Milestone Management

Medical School EPA Evaluation & Tracking

EPA Milestone Tracking

Medical School EPA Reporting & Documentation

EPA Milestone managers can easily print and export PDF-based milestone evaluation documentation for each class cohort and individual student.

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