Easiest Way to Onboard and Assess Knowledge of New Incoming Residents

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Easily onboard new residents and assess knowledge quality

Onboard Residents into Online Education and Quickly Assess New Resident Knowledge Quality

In the last few years, a lot has changed in the way medical residency programs are run, creating new hardships for program directors and an urgent need for smarter solutions regarding resident education and performance evaluation.

Onboarding & Assessing New Residents

When new residents arrive, program directors want to find out “who knows what and how well do they know it.”

Each resident is different, especially at the outset of residency. Each resident comes with their own passions, strengths and weaknesses. It’s the PD’s job to find these things out and manage training progress through successful certification and matriculation.

Sit-downs with residents can start building a resident profile to help you connect that individual, but an assessment of knowledge can reveal even more about where a resident is – and where you need to push them.

This is why online resident education and testing is indispensable.

Apples to apples knowledge testing.

Baseline knowledge assessments are online tests that sample resident knowledge over a fixed set of core questions.  Each resident will have areas of weakness.

Once deficiencies are known and comparative data is in hand, you can start to apply education in the most appropriate ways.  This includes assigning adjunct online self-assessment for 24/7 support of live PGY instruction.

Ready questions & exams – or make your own.

Residency directors need handy options and flexibility in new resident assessment – including both content and function. Most online solutions provide either ready-made content & testing – or a feature-rich, but empty, LMS. The best solutions provide both – out-of-the-box convenience & flexible customization – including authoring tools. This allows programs to push materials faster – and adapt materials and testing to suit there specific objectives and style.

Adaptive self-study and automatic remediation.

Incoming residents with knowledge deficiencies can be addressed quickly.  Online resident education platforms allow you to prescribe testing and training toward resident interests at any time – and instant remediation can double (2x) the rate of uptake and mastery of information. Online systems are also perfect for programs with multiple locations or distance learning programs.

Performance analytics & predictors.

Put the big picture into view, keep an eye on everything – and KNOW what’s happening (or about to happen).  Most online platforms provide dashboards containing testing averages, comparisons, and “are they ready?” status indicators allow at-a-glance oversight of training outcomes and exam preparedness.

Assess the knowledge quality of incoming residents
When new residents arrive, program directors want to find out “who knows what and how well do they know it.”

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