2019 End of Rotation Exams for Physician Assistant Training Programs

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Physician Assistant PA End Of Rotation Exams EOR

Rotation Exams for Physician Assistant Training Programs On Demand

Rotation Exams, commonly referred to as “End of Rotation Exams” – or EORs – are a key performance measure in NCCPA Physician Assistant training programs. Having quality PA rotation exams and testing on-call online are an ideal way to assess a trainee group’s knowledge on all key learning points by respective rotation quickly and efficiently.

Not only does Med-Challenger provide completely updated Rotation exams, it also provides all the assessment, assignment, and performance tracking tools clinical programs need for higher exam scores, pass-rates, and graduate success with our Education Director Suite.

A Complete Collection of 15 End-of-Rotation Exams, On-Call, Ready to Use.

Typically, PA programs have to create their own exams (and update them constantly) or rely on rather incomplete sets from other sources.

Med-Challenger solves this problem with fifteen post-rotation exams that are ready for a la carte deployment inside our group education platform. You can custom select any assortment of EORs to use or use them all.

Our PA rotation exams are reviewed and updated every year by NCCPA-certified educators so you don’t have to. This also ensures the content is always the highest quality so your results are high-yield.

We also provide complete NCCPA curricula and PANCE/PANRE exam review (with AAPA-approved CME credits) if your PA training program is looking for more ready-to-go online education, assessment, and group learning controls.

Factor in our adaptive learning technology and there is no better solution for PA training programs seeking these key assessment resources and improved PA training outcomes.

NCCPA Rotation Exams Listing

Med-Challenger has 15 rotation exams for 2019.

The following Rotation Exams are available from Med-Challenger:

  • Med-Challenger NCCPA: Emergency Medicine
  • Med-Challenger NCCPA: Family Medicine
  • Med-Challenger NCCPA: Geriatrics
  • Med-Challenger NCCPA: Internal Medicine
  • Med-Challenger NCCPA: OBGYN
  • Med-Challenger NCCPA: Orthopedics
  • Med-Challenger NCCPA: Pediatrics
  • Med-Challenger NCCPA: Psychiatry
  • Med-Challenger NCCPA: Surgery
  • Med-Challenger NCCPA: Underserved Care
  • Med-Challenger NCCPA: Dermatology
  • Med-Challenger NCCPA: Cardiovascular Disease
  • Med-Challenger NCCPA: EENT
  • Med-Challenger NCCPA: Allergy and Immunology
  • Med-Challenger NCCPA: Urgent Care
    If you have questions about Med-Challenger’s Physician Assistant Rotation Exams or PA group training solutions, email sales@chall.com or call 1-800-676-0822.

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