2019 Clerkship Exam Review and USMLE Course for Medical School Group Education

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Clerkship Exam Review and USMLE Course

2019 Clerkship Exam Review & USMLE Course for Online Medical School Group Medical Education

Medical Schools can add adjunct online medical school training, clerkship exam review, USMLE review & medical student assessment, remediation & activity control to their traditional education program for stronger exam scores and medical school matriculation rates.

Medical School “clerkships” are the foundation of medical student rotation-based training programs. Teaching, testing and remediating students in each clinical area requires quality content, assessment, remediation, and activity control. Most schools rely on live clerkship training and self-managed tests to reach their objectives, but new online systems are changing the way medical school training is conducted, secured, and improved.

Med-Challenger, the leading online group medical education platform for clinical training programs, has an online medical school training curricula and education management platform designed to give medical school faculty resources to assess, track, and monitor clerkship-based training and USMLE exam preparedness online.

USMLE course, clerkship course

Content, Testing and Control for Medical Schools On-Demand

Over 5000 questions covering Step 2 CS, Step 2 CK, and Step 3 USMLE exam review, plus ten (10) dynamic Clerkship Exams.

Everything is online for students and faculty including Assignment Management and other group education program controls. No IT or content maintenance necessary.

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Assignable Clerkship Exam Review

Med-Challenger’s 2019 Medical School Clerkships course provides clerkship rotation exams useful for testing, reinforcement, and remediation of clerkship knowledge.

Clerkship Exams include:

Internal Medicine
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Family Medicine
Emergency Medicine
Intensive Care Medicine

Exams are comprised of 100 expert-curated case-based questions designed to cover key subject areas of each clerkship.

Clerkship exams can be taken (or scheduled as online assignments) in any order to fit your existing training program.

Each clerkship exam gives students 24/7 self-assessment and instant remediation resources. This automatic weak area remediation function means students get labor-free remediation support after every educational assessment allowing students to improve on their own – and saving faculty time and labor.

Faculty can see the results of all students on a single screen for a fast, targeted response to specific outliers with less labor or guesswork.

Assignable USMLE Exam Review

Ready Content & Testing for
USMLE Step 2 CS, Step 2 CK & Step 3

In addition to specialized clerkship exams, Med-Challenger’s medical school course includes complete USMLE review.

Adaptive learning online platform with over 5000 questions and answers with detailed explanations and instant guided remediation features get more done for each student – and save program faculty and administrators time and exam outcome apprehension.

Having online clerkship exam review, USMLE exam review, and online assignment activity controls has really improved our scores, matriculation rates, and efficiency.L. Dunn, MD, Medical School Faculty
Clerkship Exams

Full Suite of Student Activity Controls

Med-Challenger Group Medical Education ManagementAlong with the content and assessment features, Med-Challenger gives program administrators control over activities through our flexible Assignments and Custom Exam features.

Med-Challenger then brings all group activity compliance, progress, and performance results onto a single screen from anywhere – on any device – giving medical school faculty and administrators a way to quickly and easily improve their program outcomes.

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“High quality USMLE review and clinical knowledge training with efficient and effective learner controls. Our M3s and M4s are loving the jumpstart into case-based clinical assessment and diagnosis. I love Med-Challenger’s platform because it saves me a ton of time, labor, and worry.”I. Khan, MD, Professor of Medicine

24/7 Online Medical Student Testing & Tracking.

No Content Maintenance.

No IT Requirements.

Instant On. Higher Scores. Less Labor.

Medical Schools no longer need to create and maintain their own training and assessment content or systems. Let Med-Challenger provide the latest content and assessment tools, so you can focus more on driving improved outcomes.

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