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ABEM MOC Emergency Medicine LLSA requirements

The Single Best Answer to Annual ABEM LLSA Requirements and Emergency Medicine MOC

Emergency medicine maintenance of certification requirements (EM MOC) include successful completion of annual LLSA exams on a set of journal articles designated by the ABEM. Tracking down these articles is a pain. Then you have to read them all and prep for an exam over the content.

The best LLSA plan for handling your ABEM Lifelong Learning Self-Assessment (LLSA) requirements every year is with Med-Challenger’s LLSA Review Subscription.

Best LLSA Review - One-time purchase.All active LLSAs. New ones, every year.

Med-Challenger’s LLSA Subscription contains all active LLSA materials + exam review – with NEW LLSA materials added each year – at no additional cost.

Med-Challenger’s LLSA Subscription is the most convenient, time-efficient way to prepare for and ace any and all active LLSA exams – not just this year, but every year – as well as earn your annually required AMA PRA Category 1™ CME credits.

A single, one-time purchase of Med-Challenger LLSA Subscription puts your LLSA needs in hand automatically each year.

With your initial, one-time purchase, the LLSA Subscription provides materials and LLSA exam review for all active LLSAs including all LLSA articles, key-point summaries, exam prep and CME credits with each LLSA package.

NEW LLSA reading lists will come to you FREE every year as part of your Med-Challenger account’s Premium Membership “super-renewal” service.

ABEM’s LLSA articles are packed with information and pearls — but it takes a long time to actually read and digest them all. Let Med-Challenger’s LLSA Subscription lighten your load by making annual LLSA a snap, year after year.

Med-Challenger 2019 LLSA Review will be automatically added on April 1, 2019.

What EM Diplomates are saying…

“Having annual LLSA review materials added to my Med-Challenger account automatically – with everything ‘pre-chewed’ saves me a ton of work and time every year.”D. Peters, MD
“This is the only LLSA plan you need. All the articles come instantly, with outstanding summaries and Q&A self-assessment with AMA CMEs, every year for next to nothing.”
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About EM MOC LLSA Requirements

ABEM LLSA activities typically start with an annual set of readings to guide participants in self-study of recent Emergency Medicine literature. The Emergency Medicine Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment (LLSA) exam is an open-book, unproctored test based on an annual set of readings, that is offered to help physicians reinforce what they learn from these readings.

ABEM diplomates are required to complete four ABEM LLSA tests in each five-year period of their ten-year certification, as well as report a baseline of 25 AMA PRA Category 1™ credits per year.

Fun Fact ...
98% of LLSA survey respondents found the readings strongly relevant to the overall clinical practice of Emergency Medicine

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