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ABIM MOC exam changes knowledge check in

What is the difference between the new ABIM Knowledge Check In & the traditional ABIM MOC exam?

ABIM now offers a two-year assessment option to provide physicians more choice, relevance and convenience in meeting the assessment requirement of the Maintenance of Certification (MOC) program.

This assessment option, called a Knowledge Check In, was first available for Internal Medicine and Nephrology in 2018. Knowledge Check In is now available to the below specialties for 2019 – with more specialties scheduled for 2020 – as an additional option, along with the traditional 10-year MOC exam.

knowledge check in vs traditional moc exam

You can try the Knowledge Check-In if:

  • it is offered in your specialty,
  • you are currently certified by ABIM, and
  • you are not in an MOC exam grace period.

Use the information and tools @ ABIM’s MOC website to understand more about this assessment option and to decide whether it will be right for you.

What’s the difference?

The most obvious difference is that the two-year ABIM Knowledge Check In can be taken in the comfort of your home or workplace. Secondly, it will be a much shorter experience. You do not need to be successful on every Knowledge Check In to maintain certification (as long as you complete other program requirements).

You will also receive performance results much quicker and more detailed feedback about your performance will follow.

ABIM knowledge check in vs traditional moc exam

Will the ABIM Knowledge Check In cover the breadth of my discipline or be more targeted?

Initially, the ABIM Knowledge Check In will cover the breadth of your discipline but ABIM is continuing to explore how it might be able to move to assessing a subset of knowledge relevant to practice in the future, since many physicians requested this.

Most ABIM board reviews will be applicable to studying for Knowledge Check Ins.  Top-quality Internal Medicine board review courses, especially those accredited for ABIM MOC Points such as Med-Challenger IM, are arranged by chapter (subspecialty categories) and are useful in ABIM MOC 2-year exam preparation.

What does “no consequences” mean for the Knowledge Check-In?

  • If a physician is successful on the ABIM Knowledge Check-In in 2018, it will count as a pass. If a physician is not successful and their exam was due in 2018 or 2019, they will have another opportunity to take it again in 2020 without a change to their certification status.
  • This doesn’t mean physicians can skip the assessment. If a physician skips it, and their certification expires in 2018, their status will change to Not Certified.
  • In addition to meeting other certification requirements, physicians with certifications expiring in 2018 will need to take the Knowledge Check-In or pass the traditional MOC exam or they will no longer be certified.

If I choose the ABIM Knowledge Check In, will I still have to take the traditional ABIM MOC exam?

If you do well on the ABIM Knowledge Check Ins, you won’t need to take the traditional ABIM board exam to remain certified.

See ABIM’s MOC website for more information.

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