New “Crash” Review Option for Fast Comprehensive Knowledge Review

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Crash exams show you unseen or unanswered questions first before any questions are repeated

Introducing “Crash” Review – A New Review Option

In response to the needs and preferences of clinical professionals everywhere, Med-Challenger has developed a new comprehensive self-assessment review algorithm, we’re calling CRASH review.

Crash-style assessments are complementary to our industry-leading “Smart” board exam simulations and can be found in all major specialty reviews.

It’s a new knowledge review assessment type and algorithm that prioritizes any “unseen” or unanswered questions in every new assessment for a straightforward way to experience all questions in a question pool first, before any previously seen questions are reintegrated for any reason.

Watch the Feature Video:

A New Way to Prepare

By default, our adaptive Exam Simulations provide “smart” assessments wherein any previously missed questions are reintegrated along with any “yet-to-be-seen,” unanswered questions in subsequent attempts of the same dynamic assessment.

Smart Board Exam Simulations also ensure each simulation output exactly matches your exam’s blueprint each use.

Because Smart assessments help assure you understand the correct question answers as you continuously assess in an exam-based simulation, Smart assessments provide the best route to mastery of all content through repeated use of the respective smart assessment.

New Comprehensive Exam Review Crash Option in Med-Challenger

However, “reintegrated questions” – no matter how timely, appropriate, or beneficial for content mastery and retention – may not be preferred by users who want to just randomly crash through all yet-to-be-answered questions without any “recommended repeats” as a more informal knowledge review.

That’s what Crash Reviews do.

Crash assessments are available by default in comprehensive “all questions” Crash Reviews and as an option for qualifying chapter exams.

New Comprehensive Exam Review Crash Option prioritizes new questions

New Questions Only, Please

Crash exams are for individuals who simply want to run (crash) through all the questions in the total pool – randomly – without any “helpful” repeating of missed questions.

Crash exams WILL NOT issue previously answered questions whatsoever before all questions are seen and answered (right or wrong) at least once.

Only after all questions have been answered once will previously missed questions in the total question pool start to be re-served in subsequent attempts of that specific assessment.

Tip: if you see a repeated question using a Crash exam, you’ve answered everything in your course-wide question pool once (in some way).

New Question Bank Metrics & Review “Mop Up” Convenience

New Comprehensive Exam Review Crash Option in Med-Challenger

Crash exams help you ensure you have answered every question in your selected asset’s total question pool in some way. In fact, if you have answered a specific question anywhere – through a board exam simulation, a chapter exam, a CME topic quiz, etc – the Crash exam will know.

Crash exams bring with them new global question usage metrics that tell you how many total questions a selected asset or assessment contains – and how many of the questions in the pool have been seen-and-answered in some form.

The Crash exam essentially pulls those remaining questions (ones you may have inadvertently skipped) until everything has been answered at least once.

Crash Review is a great tool to “mop up” any unseen or unanswered Q&A left in question pool after other review activities have been used.

Once you have “gotten all the meat off the bone” – and all questions have been answered – previously missed questions will be prioritized in subsequent Crash assessments over questions you answered correctly.

“Crash Review options are a direct response to customer interest where more seasoned clinicians may desire less AI ‘mastery assistance’ in personal knowledge review. Crash exams allow users to simply ‘crash through new questions’ they have not seen yet – without any smart question reintegration until all questions have been seen-and-answered once. It’s also a great tool to “mop up” any unseen or unanswered Q&A left in a question pool after other review activities have been performed elsewhere.”David Beard, CEO, Med-Challenger

Try a Crash Review Free

Crash Review is now available in all Med-Challenger major exam reviews.

Full trials are available at

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