New CSV Data Exports Help Medical Educators Document Activity

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CSV data exports of online educational activity

Easily Document Medical Education Activity and Download Performance Data with Med-Challenger

Group medical education program clients using Med-Challenger’s online medical education platform can now document online education activity and performance data easily with new .CSV exports. Export medical education data, export CME data, export resident data, and otherwise document medical education activity logs from Med-Challenger’s online platform thanks to spreadsheet-ready .CSV files.

Export online activity and performance data for your documentation needs.

The ability of Med-Challenger’s online group medical education platform is well documented, but documentation of the data inside it has been tricky to extract into external data files and paper-based forms – until now.

Med-Challenger has added .CSV file download functionality to many of its online user screens. Now you can export medical education data to Excel-friendly CSV files for handy data and performance documentation.

Simply use on-screen selectors to segment data down to what you want to document regarding user activity, group activity or assignment activity – and click the Download CSV button.

New CSV file exports document medical education activity and performance data

A Boon for Program Directors & Coordinators

Residencies and other academic training programs need to document program performance across all trainees and user groups. CSV exports give educators the flexibility to select and output online performance data for their program and learner performance documentation needs.

Document Quality Improvement Metrics On-Demand

Likewise, healthcare education and quality officers can export staff training, remediation activity, CME and MOC activity data for their internal reporting purposes.

The ability to output my onscreen Med-Challenger data into Excel-compatible CSV files allows us to quickly grab performance and other metrics for our traditional paper files, committee reports, and other compliance documentation needs. Mary Wilson, Medical Residency Coordinator

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