How to Take Your Practice to the Next Level in the MOC Game

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How to Satisfy MOC Requirements & Win the MOC Game.

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Every clinician has to battle a continual MOC onslaught of monster exams and pesky practice requirements. Learn how to stop the worry, pain, and risks of the MOC game and take your practice to the next level.

The Problem.

The MOC Onslaught.

You can’t escape maintaining your certification and practice quality.

physician and nurse running from MOC requirements

The ongoing MOC process keeps monster exams and pesky MOC requirements on your heels at all times.

Board Exams.
Annual MOC Activities.
Specialty CME Credits.
State CME Credits.
Ongoing Self-Assessment.

They mean well, but they’re still a pain.

You can spend tons of time, effort and money getting past each obstacle one by one, or you can avoid the fear, confusion, and stress with a single winning MOC game plan – thanks to Med-Challenger.

The Solution.

The MOC Game Plan.

Take a stand with the best MOC game plan: Med-Challenger

physician and nurse conquering their MOC requirements

Med-Challenger can zap your MOC requirements into submission.

From your desktop, tablet, or smartphone – blast away your required activities online with your own customized MOC solution.

What’s more… this game plan works EVERY YEAR.

The Outcomes.

Next Level Practice & Quality of Life.

Protect your practice and quality of life – every year of practice – and save the stress.

protect your practice life and quality of life

With your MOC requirements safely under control, you can focus on practice – or anything else.

Breathe easy, you have Med-Challenger.

Master your MOC, keep compliant, and daily clinical knowledge up-to-date with less effort every year.

What’s even better…. Med-Challenger’s super-renewal option means you can also re-use your MOC purchases to solve MOC needs year after year.

Watch the Video!

Take your Practice to the Next Level with the MOC Game

With Med-Challenger, you’ll have your annual MOC solutions in hand 24/7.

  • Prepare for Exams.

    Master the boards with adaptive, exam blueprint-based board review.

  • Stay MOC Compliant.

    Crush annual MOC requirements with new materials annually.

  • Keep Knowledge Current in Fun Ways.

    Find and repair outdated knowledge with new information, supporting self-assessment, and weekly CME games.

MOC solutions
  • Fulfill State CME.

    Blast away state CME credit requirements without trouble.

  • Fulfill Specialty CME.

    Destroy specialty-required CME credits from anywhere, anytime.

  • Save Time & Money.

    Stop the needless travel. Stop the product re-buys. Get it done on your schedule and save money every year with our Super Renewal option.

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