Free Board Review Questions of the Week – Anorectal Abscesses

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Free board review question of the week anorectal abscesses

Free anorectal abscesses review questions sample from Med-Challenger.

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This week’s case-based question:

A 72-year-old nursing home resident with left-sided hemiparesis after a prior stroke, presents with fever and buttock pain. He reports he has had tenderness and pain on his left buttock for several days that has now spread to the right side. He describes the pain as severe and constant. He reports no blood in his stool or abnormal bowel habits. Staff at his nursing home have been applying a topical antibiotic to the area, with no improvement.

On physical examination, he appears in pain. Vital signs are as follows: temperature is 38.8 °C (101.8 °F), heart rate 90 beats/min, blood pressure 140/90 mm Hg, respiratory rate 14/min, oxygen saturation 99% on room air. Digital rectal examination is unremarkable, but examination of his buttocks reveals fluctuance and tenderness. Additional findings on examination are depicted in the image below.

Figure 1

Which of the following is the best management for this patient?

Answer Options

oral antibiotics
percutaneous drainage
incision and drainage under local anesthesia
incision and drainage in the operating room

And the answer is …

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