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Medical Education Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight:

Med-Challenger has been producing high-quality medical education products for over 25 years. If there’s one thing we know, it’s that accurate, up-to-date content is king. Given the fact that medicine is constantly changing, so too must our content. To achieve that ongoing quality objective, it takes specialized knowledge, experience, talent, and commitment from the best medical educators available today. Today we’d like to take a moment to provide an author spotlight on one of our most-trusted and effective contributors.

Kastoori Iyengar, MD, MBA

Family Medicine Contributor,
Med-Challenger Family Medicine Section

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Dr. Kastoori Iyengar is a Family Medicine physician at Saint Vincent Medical Group. She works closely with patients and their families to practice healthy living by treating health issues using an approach that integrates patients’ lifestyles along with advanced medical technology and an evidence-based approach to select a course of action most likely to replicate the best achievable outcome.

Dr. Iyengar is passionate about improving the existing healthcare delivery system to provide the best outcomes for patients. She obtained her MBA in Healthcare from Isenberg School of Business. There, she learned tools to create a roadmap geared towards quality and efficiency in patient care at individual, organizational, and industry levels. She completed her residency and internship in Family Medicine at the UMass Medical Center in Worcester, Massachusetts. Board-certified in Family Medicine, Dr. Iyengar earned her medical degree from the MGM Medical College in Indore, India.

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“Not every patient presents with a textbook case. Being aware of the variations in clinical presentations is important in order to accomplish comprehensive care for patients. This is why Med-Challenger’s family medicine review program is an essential tool for not only continuing education needs and exam preparation, but also improving patient care and outcomes.”

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