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New Quarterly Utilization Reports for Med-Challenger Users and Group Education Administrators

Med-Challenger individual account holders and group program faculty and administrators will now receive courtesy account utilization reports via email every 90 days. These utilization reports are to help everyone understand all recent activity and progress regarding their accounts and the performance of their group each 90-day period.

Two types of reports will be issued:

  • Account Utilization Reports to individual Med-Challenger account holders
  • Group Program Utilization & Performance Reports to group faculty & administrator accounts

These reports will arrive via email on a consistent basis every 90 days. Individual reports are scheduled in relation to your account access expiration date. Group account reports are scheduled in relation to your program installation date or designated program cycle term.

These new email reports are a great periodic view of what’s happening in my accounts, who’s doing what and how well each learner is progressing. They also a serve as a great reminder of Med-Challenger’s in-hand and ongoing value.David Bauer, Residency Program Directors

Individual User Utilization Reports

Individual account holders will get metrics on:

  • Account Status:
    • Last login
    • Remaining days in current access period
    • Current account renewal option settings
  • Account Utilization (over last 90 days):
    • Totals assessments available over all assets
    • Totals assessments completed over all assets
  • CME Credit Acquisition Data (for the calendar year):
    • All available CME credits by CME type
    • All earned (ready to be claimed) CME credits by CME type
    • All claimed CME credits by CME type

We’ll also remind everyone what’s in their online accounts from their personal one-time purchases.

Links to our latest news and announcements are included as well.

We believe many of our customers don’t truly recognize the repeat value and ongoing practice & MOC utility ALL of their one-time purchases provide to them EVERY YEAR – and at a fraction of their original purchase price.

Whether you call it Premium Membership extension or your “annual cost-saving super-renewal” – with Med-Challenger you’ll never have to buy products at full price ever again – or be without instant solutions to your ongoing career needs.  You can simply renew access to EVERYTHING you’ve ever purchased for just $199/yr after your initial year of access ends.

We hope these reports help everyone get the most out of their Med-Challenger investments now and always.

Group Program Utilization Reports

Group faculty and adminstrator account holders will get metrics on:

  • Program Information:
    • Group Platform Installation date
    • Number of Accounts by Type available and in-use
  • Program Utilization Metrics (past 90 days):
    • Total number of group logins
    • Total number of assessments taken
    • Total number of assessments completed (passed)
    • The learner with most assessments taken over the last 90 days
  • Program Performance by User Roster (past 90 days):
    • Average group score over for all users
    • Highest average learner score
    • 90-day program roster metrics for:
      • Each class and learner
      • Total assessments taken by learner
      • Total assessments passed by learner
      • Average score
      • High score
      • Low score

We’ll also remind everyone what assets are in their online accounts from their program’s accounts.

Links to our latest news and announcements are included as well.

We hope these group reports help programs better understand the usage and performance data regarding their Med-Challenger group program accounts.

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