May our Course be with You – Star Wars Day Video

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Med-Challenger, May the 4th, May the Fourth be with You, Star Wars Day, Clinical Humor, Medical Humor

There’s battle raging in the MOC galaxy. Luckily, there’s a new hope for “getting it done.”

Enjoy this fun Star Wars Day Video – and come try Med-Challenger.

In a galaxy not so far away at all …

Med-Challenger, Clinical Humor, Medical Humor, May the 4th, Star Wars Doctor, Han Solo Doctor

Solve your galactic burden with the fastest ship.

The Kessel Run has nothing on your Career journey. Shave off valuable parsecs from knowledge review, exam prep, annual MOC, and CME credit requirement fulfillment.

Blast away MOC requirements like Han on a bender.

Eliminate your Imperial suffering with a set of quick-draw weapons from any position in the universe. 24/7 on Earth.

Embrace Your Side of the Force with our Theme Switch Feature

Whether you prefer the dark or the light, Med-Challenger will work for you. Med-Challenger helps medical practitioners of any species by providing a way to assemble your personal career’s educational requirements, intelligent self-assessment tools, and group education control features – and you can even pick between Light and Dark Themes for your online account.

Med-Challenger, May the Fourth, Online Medical Education, Online Board Review, Star Wars Humor, Clinical HumorMed-Challenger, May the Fourth, Online Medical Education, Online Board Review, Star Wars Humor, Clinical Humor
  • Be a Star Destroyer on Board Exams

    Use the big guns on exams. Win with the most features, questions, and intelligent tools.

  • MOC Requirements for Every Light Year

    Put your quality of life on hyperdrive and save tons of time fulfilling annual requirements.

  • Universal CME Credits

    Whatever the system, the planet, or cantina – earn the credits you need on-demand.

  • Strengthen Rebel Training

    Training squadrons, elite battle groups, and Jedi institutions can control their Padawans and keep the knowledge force strong and on track.

Feel it flow through you – for free.

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Happy Star Wars Day!
May 4th, 2018

For all of your ongoing knowledge review, MOC, and CME requirement needs…
with Med-Challenger, it’s well in hand.

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This IS the droid you’re looking for.


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