Funny Nursing Stories from On-Call Nurses

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Outrageous, Weird, & Funny On-Call Nursing Stories

Med-Challenger is celebrating National Nurses Week, and what better way to celebrate than by sharing a few outrageous, somewhat embarrassing but funny nursing stories? We sent out an open invitation to our friends in the nursing community, asking them to anonymously submit some of their most memorable on-call stories … and they came flooding in. So sit back, relax, and enjoy a good laugh with these funny nursing stories, as told by real nurses.

Happy National Nurses Week
from Med-Challenger!

Mr. Romance:

One night, I had this patient that was meaner than a snake despite looking just like Santa. It was probably 2 or 3AM when two of my CNAs came over frantic, saying he couldn’t breathe, and was telling them he was dying. I busted tail running to his room to see him laying in bed, cool as a cucumber. I walked up to assess him and be sure he was okay. When I asked him about not being able to breathe, he replied “Wanna make out?”

So Fresh and So Clean:

One time I was taking my lunch & applying for a nursing job when a resident came over and told me I was to be his new CNA. After explaining that I was a nurse and not a CNA, he replied “Hell, I know that, I just want you to be the one giving me baths.”

False Alarm:

One day at the hospital, the code alarm went off. We all jump up and begin hauling a** to the room. I rounded a corner and ran into another nurse. We both fall and jump back up. We get to the room and the patient gets angry, asking what all the fuss was about. They pressed the code button expecting it to cut on the overhead lights.

A Nurse by Any Other Name:

I have a funny one from hospice. I had this precious little old lady, but every time I’d go to see her she’d have this bah humbug, grumpy look on her face. I’d come in all cheerful and say, “Good morning!”, then reintroduce myself each time – because she had Alzheimer’s. Then I’d ask what her name was. She would reply with her name. I would then ask her what my name was. Her response. …”Sh*ta**.” With the most dead serious look on her face. Or sometimes it was “Jack***.” As time went on, I realized that was her way of still getting her laughs in. When I called her out on it, she would give me this little smirk that let me know she knew exactly what she was doing.

Large & In Charge:

I was sitting at my nurses station charting when I look up and one of my middle age female patients has stripped butt naked, her girls hanging to her belly button, fighting with my techs, literally trying to punch folks, because she refused to put clothes on. She got further agitated because one of the techs told another staff member to get her a size L pair of scrubs. She got mad all over again and screamed “I ain’t in no size large! I wear medium!” (She was a slightly larger woman) I finally went in there and bargained with her to put her blanket back around her long enough for us to get her some scrubs.

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funny nursing stories

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