Weak Area “Hot Spots” Help Program Directors Maximize Training Time

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Hot Spots feature

“Hot Spots” of Shared Clinical Knowledge Deficiency Speed Group Remediation and Save Faculty Time

About Med-Challenger’s Unique “Hot Spots” Group Education Feature

One of Med-Challenger’s most powerful features for group medical training programs is clinical education online assignment control.

Our assignments features give education directors the control they need over driving on-time, on-point adjunct education to their learners at anytime, from anywhere.

Healthcare education directors can track the performance and compliance of their assignees for each assignment on a single screen.

In addition to pain-free control and assessment of your group, Med-Challenger’s Assignments feature gives education directors a bead on any areas of shared knowledge deficiency.

These areas of “shared knowledge deficiency” are what we call “hot spots.
Hot Spots - Areas of Shared Knowledge Deficiency

Hot Spots are a unique feature of the Med-Challenger’s Online Group Medical Education Management Platform used by clinical training institutions worldwide.

Wondering where to best spend your teaching time after an assigned assessment is completed by your group? Hot Spots will tell you.A. Poland, MD, Clinical Training Program Faculty
Med-Challenger Online Clinical Education Assignments with Hot Spots

With Med-Challenger, group testing assignment results neatly present scores with access to individual assessment details as well as Hot Spots (Note the red Hot Spots button, upper left)

Hot Spot Feature

The Hot Spots feature button is located atop each Assignment’s performance details and provides an aggregation of the most missed Q&A across all assignees for a given assignment.

The more a question is missed by the group, the higher its “heat” (e.g. the more it deserves attention in group remediation and discussion), and thus, the higher the question will be presented in the Hot Spot list.

Hot Spot Listings

The Hot Spot listing provides the question stem, answer information, and explanations for each question. You’ll also get the number of times a Q&A was presented, answered, missed, and more.

We even provide a way to report individual Q&A to Challenger should a question itself be suspect or in need of peer-review through Challenger’s physician advisory board.

Hot Spots help prioritize faculty attention on areas of shared difficulty.

Hot Spots Example

In the example above, Hot Spots provides:

  • Sortable list of questions missed by one or more assignees.
  • Number and percentage of assignees that missed each question in the assignment.
  • Full answer details for group remediation use (ideal for live conference and group discussion.)
  • Quick ability to report content (should the question itself be a reason for a larger proportion of incorrect answers.)

What do “Hot Spots” mean to group educators and outcomes?

Hot Spots give educators an easy way to prioritize concepts that require group-wide remediation – without having to dig into individual assignee performance details one by one.

It’s just a more efficient – and engaging – way to understand and directly address prevailing remediation needs across your group in general. It’s a great resource for live group review and discussion as well.

“Hot Spots gives me a great way to know where to aim my group teaching time in order to benefit the most trainees. Great way to prioritize remediation content for use in live discussion and conference.”E. Cullen, MD, Clinical Training Program Faculty

Contact us for a full program demo.

Med-Challenger can provide a free program trial or live walk-through demonstration of its group education system upon request.

The Med-Challenger group medical education system fits all training specialties and program size. It requires no technical IT set up or content maintenance needs on your end. It’s super easy to add to any existing program or adjunct to any other online systems in current use. Improvements to test scores, learner management, and activity compliance are practically instantaneous.

If you’re an education director or faculty at a clinical training program, you should take a look at what Med-Challenger can do for you and your program outcomes.

Program Directors.

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