Let There Be Light! New Theme Switch Lets You Pick – Dark or Light

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Choose dark or light theme

Let there be Light!

Theme Switch let’s you choose the appearance of your Med-Challenger account.

Easily switch your Med-Challenger account between Dark and Light themes.

Med-Challenger is all about giving customers options – a way to assemble your personal career’s educational needs, multiple assessment tools, customizable exams and group education assignment options – and now Light and Dark Themes for your online account.

change med-challenger dark interface light interface

The Theme Switch is located in the upper right corner of your account, under your profile icon.

Dark Theme

Dark Theme

Light Theme

Light Theme

Benefits of Each

There are pros and cons to every setting, but at least you can choose what’s best for you.

Dark Theme

  • Less eye fatigue
  • Improved activity focus
  • Higher media contrast
  • Uses less battery power

Light Theme

  • Better readability
  • “Normal” paper-like visuals
  • Better in outdoor light
  • Uses less ink on print

How to Switch Themes

Once logged in, the Theme Switch is located in the upper right corner of your account, under your Profile icon.

theme switch dark
theme switch light

Setting is saved in your Profile.

Whatever you’ve selected, that theme will be remembered and utilized until you change it again.

theme switch in profile

Not seeing it? You may need to clear your web browser cache.

What We Learned

In 2018, Med-Challenger changed the status quo of online medical education again with a top-to-bottom update its popular medical education platform.

The change has brought a wealth of completely new content resources, utilities, and unique product features to market – such as assignments, assignable custom exams, new medical education management controls, objectives-based UIs, and all the “under the hood” performance improvements you’d expect from an industry leader.

As considerations went into the new platform’s design, Med-Challenger wanted to create a uniquely easy-to-use, utility-rich online environment, so we looked at user interface designs that provided the most benefits. We talked to customers and approached design with an eye toward self-assessment and review content use.

Our online medical education platform is not your standard “website” – it’s a web application designed to highlight content, focus self-testing activities, and produce better outcomes with less time (and pain) from anywhere on any device. We knew it should be responsive to all devices, clean, sleek – and cool too.

We pre-tested our design with over 50 Med-Challenger users across a range of ages and specialties. We found that younger users preferred our new darker interface almost universally. Perhaps it’s today’s environment – where younger users have been exposed to more websites utilizing a darker UI earlier on in their experience.

Curiously, most of our “older” users tended to initially balk at the dark UIs – mainly as being different or foreign.

“That’s not how a website should look!” one older tester told us. But let’s remember, Med-Challenger’s platform “website” is actually an education application. Even today, popular news sites are using dark backgrounds in certain situations for better media story display.

What’s really interesting is, over a short period of time, our older users, while initially off-put, overwhelmingly found the dark UI as useful with some routine use. Items are easier to read and what one clinician tester stated, “The extraneous items seem to ‘fall away’ when I’m actually using the Med-Challenger product. After my initial concerns, I’ve actually grown to prefer this type of interface for learning and self-assessment. When it’s done well, like this, it really helps.”

Thus, we implemented a “light on dark” user interface on the new platform initially, knowing there would be some users would ultimately prefer a “dark on light” option as well.

Now both options are available. See it for free.

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