Why Assessment Programs Are Needed Adjunct to Onboarding Programs

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Why Assessment & Remediation Programs Are Needed Adjunct to Onboarding

Medical training programs have to shepherd new incoming students into their new academic programs. Getting everyone “on board” is what onboarding solutions are designed to do. Everyone gets queued up, in position, and helped along their way. Onboarding programs make millions of dollars every year, but there’s a problem.

Onboarding programs, by themselves, are NOT adequate for knowledge assessment and remediation.

In fact, most onboarding solutions don’t provide anything more than a helpful construct in which programs can organize student orientation, class information and ensure everyone gets to the right place at the right time.

You need actual training content, certification exam questions and answers, and features that are specifically aimed at driving education activity, tracking compliance, and improving clinical knowledge quality.

You can’t test or remediate knowledge with empty “if you create the content” testing features. Some programs use open-source products like Moodle, and they bear the brunt of both technical and content maintenance. Med-Challenger’s group assessment system requires no IT or content maintenance.

“Onboarding programs and applications typically fall well short of providing actionable knowledge assessment, remediation and educational activity control.”

Real clinical knowledge quality and exam performance improvements require training CONTENT as well as AUTOMATIC REMEDIATION features and ACTIVITY CONTROLS.

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A Case for Adding Knowledge Programs Adjunct to Onboarding Programs at Medical Training Programs

Med-Challenger’s Group Education Platform is designed to specifically address the educational training, testing, and exam outcome objectives of residencies, PA programs, nursing programs, med-schools, and other groups where clinical knowledge quality is a priority.

Let us share a specific case example from our experience…

Med-Challenger has products in undergraduate nursing fields covering the NCLEX-PN, and NCLEX-RN tests, applicable to Associates Degree Nursing (ADN) and Bachelors of Science Nursing (BSN). These are typically accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN).

When someone at a training program says they “already have testing” through their onboarding system, that’s usually a status quo misconception.

We have a done many interviews, presentations and several tradeshows with NCLEX level nursing programs. When someone at a program says they “already have testing” through their onboarding system, that’s usually a status quo misconception. Having “testing” does not mean it’s as useful or effective as it could be. There are dozens of competing NCLEX prep products, and the seemingly omnipresent Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI), which we find in almost every undergraduate program.

Better Together: Med-Challenger and ATI

ATI focuses on nurse education, but includes services all the way up to sending consultants to design your program and write curricula. The ADN and BSN level programs that use ATI pay a line item for their NCLEX content course at a standard entry price. However, ATI disarticulates its product offering – this report is an added fee, that service is another fee, and so on. We encountered several programs stating that they end up paying over $1200 per student per year.

Med-Challenger has capabilities in assessment and remediation that ATI does not duplicate. Assign out broad examinations to the cohort, identify where they are strong and weak as a group or individually, assign pre-built material, test again and you’ll see marked improvements. All for a fraction of the cost of ATI – and working within the ATI universe.

The point is… certain programs achieve specific outcomes better than others. Systems can likewise coexist without extra “costs” or hassle. It’s really about what your program gets out of the services they use. Is there an empty niche in your knowledge assessment and learner management tool set? Are you getting the best results?

Med-Challenger’s knowledge assessment platform provides several unique benefits regarding review, test scores, and learner activity management:

  • Management and assignment capabilities coupled with an excellent question bank
  • Ease of gaining an overview of the academic strengths and weaknesses of entire classes
  • Ability to assign and follow up on remediation without tying up faculty time

Adding Med-Challenger’s platform is also hassle-free. With no IT set needs, medical training programs can add Med-Challenger’s benefits instantly to augment or supplant existing knowledge testing system deficiencies without disrupting what’s already in place.

Med-Challenger offers free program trials here.

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