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Medical Education Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight:

Med-Challenger has been producing high-quality medical education products for over 25 years. If there’s one thing we know, it’s that accurate, up-to-date content is king. Given the fact that medicine is constantly changing, so too must our content. To achieve that ongoing quality objective, it takes specialized knowledge, experience, talent, and commitment from the best medical educators available today. Today we’d like to take a moment to provide an author spotlight on one of our most-trusted and effective contributors.

Andrea Cecilia Eberly, MD, MS, FAAEM, Editor-In-Chief, Med-Challenger Emergency Medicine Section

andrea eberly, MD - editor-in-chief

Andrea Eberly, MD, MS, FAAEM, graduated from the David Geffen Medical School of Los Angeles (UCLA) and completed her residency in Emergency Medicine at the University Medical Center, Tucson, Arizona. After working as an attending physician in Tucson, Arizona, she followed a recruiting call to the island of Guam, where she served in various roles, including as the director of the emergency department, the EMS Medical Director of Guam, and the Director of the 911 Call System. She has maintained her emergency medicine board certification through 3 cycles of American Board of Emergency Medicine Board Exams (last in 2014), all three with the help of Med-Challenger’s Emergency Medicine board review program.

Dr. Eberly has been acting as our Chief Emergency Medicine editor since 2006. During this time, she has elevated our emergency medicine review courses to new levels of precision, practicality, and effectiveness. Our EM board review is now recognized as the #1 review in emergency medicine.

Dr. Eberly has also been responsible for producing the most recent installments of our top-selling annual ABEM LLSA Subscription. Dr. Eberly’s LLSA key point summaries have distinguished Med-Challenger’s LLSA Review Subscription as the most-effective review for ABEM diplomates preparing for LLSA exams, each and every year. Her expert summaries and adjunct LLSA exam review questions address not only the core takeaways from each LLSA article, they “close the loop” from what’s a single cherry-picked journal article to the larger practice of emergency medicine today.

In Her Own Words

“I was introduced to Med-Challenger’s comprehensive database while studying for my first National Board exam in emergency medicine. Studying for the Boards through a question and answer format rather than reading textbook chapters does wonders for rapid memorization in a short amount of time. I highly recommend the Med-Challenger approach!

Med-Challenger worked for me so well then, I became interested in contributing,

Joining the Med-Challenger family as a customer, then an author, and now as Editor-in-Chief for the emergency medicine section has been a rewarding journey.

My knowledge is more solid now than at any other point in my career. I enjoy working hard to present the emergency medicine data base such that my tired, time-pressured colleagues remain stimulated and engaged on their lifelong journey of clinical self-improvement.”

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