Adaptive Assessment

Intelligent Clinical Knowledge Assessment Does More In Less Time

Get a more personal, more effective review in the shortest time possible.

“Adaptive learning” is a cutting edge methodology in the world of education and corporate training. It is defined as an educational method which uses artificial intelligence to orchestrate the allocation of mediated resources according to the unique needs of each learner.

Put simply, adaptive testing “adapts” to the learner’s needs – identifying and targeting weak areas of knowledge quickly and prioritizing that material over subjects already mastered.

With adaptive learning, not only are you assured to properly utilize all materials available, your time is spent exactly where it needs to be spent with every use, thereby producing a more effective individual review, with no wasted value, all in less time.

Adaptive Assessment and intelligent clinical knowledge review
“Med-Challenger’s adaptive learning engine not only targeted my weaknesses right away, it made sure I saw and mastered all relevant materials without obnoxious repeats of information I already knew well. Easily the fastest path to the best review.”Joann Brewer, MD

Adaptive Assessments Learn You

and adapt to target “weak areas”

The key to adaptive assessment is re-use. That is, if you retake the adaptive exam, the experience will be different – more tuned to content you don’t know well and what you haven’t seen yet. You won’t see questions you’ve answered correctly, you’ll see new questions mixed with those you’ve missed in previous attempts.

Intelligent assessments get to know you – and work to improve your weaknesses.

Simple online assessments present you with sets of questions. You answer them once, and then see how you did. That’s all. You can retake them, but you’ll see the same Q&A over and over.

Adaptive assessments are different. Med-Challenger adaptive assessments contain a larger pool of Q&A (as many as 3500+) than the amount of Q&A presented in each simulation assessment (typically 100 Q&A mapped to exactly match your specialty’s exam content specifications).

When you answer Q&A in an adaptive assessment, the assessment records, remembers, and “adapts” to target and repair weak areas of knowledge automatically.

Adaptive assessments keep track of what questions you’ve been given and which questions you’ve answered correctly. The questions that you missed will have a higher priority for display in subsequent assessment use.

adaptive learning in medical education from Med-Challenger

Everything Gets Seen & Mastered

adaptive exams
Adaptive exams ensure you see and master all content in your review so that you get the most value out of your purchased assets – there’s no content left behind.

No content gets left behind.

As you progress through your adaptive self-assessment, our adaptive algorithm automatically re-issues previously missed questions.

If you miss a question, that question becomes weighted and is more likely to reappear. Miss the question again, the weight increases further. Only by answering these questions correctly will the weight of the question reach equilibrium and eventually fall away as mastered.

Questions you haven’t seen yet, are weighted slightly less than missed questions. This way you’ll get fresh questions before any repeats. You’ll be presented every question once before you ever see a correctly answered question again. This way, you’ll get every drop of review value from your content assets and never waste time on content you already know.

Maximum Impact in Less Time

No annoying repeats. No wasted time.

Everyone wants to save time. That’s another huge benefit of Med-Challenger.

Start an adaptive exam simulation. Take it as many times as needed. Your scores will ramp up faster than expected.

Once, you start to see repeated questions consistently, you’ve essentially mastered everything!

max impact in less time
Adaptive exams ensure you never waste time on content you already know. That means you get prepared faster and with less frustration.