About Med-Challenger

Med-Challenger is the leader in online medical education products for physician board review, MOC requirement fulfillment, group medical training & healthcare quality improvement since 1991.

Our products help individual physicians, PAs, NPs, RNs, residents, trainees, and med-students as well as all types of medical training institutions and healthcare organizations accomplish education and MOC requirements, group training program objectives, and systemic quality of care improvement worldwide, every day.

About Med-Challenger Leader in Online Medical Education

Med-Challenger’s Mission


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Med-Challenger is the longest serving electronic education provider to clinicians. For over 25 years, we’ve addressed the changing needs of thousands of clinical practitioners and training institutions worldwide through a powerful array of personal education products and group education systems.

The Content

Our gold-standard content and assessment library is kept up-to-date by a nationwide team of practicing physician educators at all times. Our product library covers all major medical specialties as well as a variety of recurring professional requirements.

The Technology

We’re also the only leading medical education firm that develops its technologies – adaptive learning, exam simulation, prescriptive remediation, group activity controls and more – in parallel with the latest concepts and methodologies, completely in-house which allows us to react faster to changes in medical education most critical to the success of individual practitioners and institutional group program administrators.

The Results

We’ve maintained a 99% customer pass-rate on certification exams. Training institutions have improved trainee exam scores over 14% on average and many now boast 100% pass-rates and advanced graduate knowledge quality. Clinical groups are improving care quality and reducing operational risks and costs. And everyone is getting more done in less time.

No other medical education provider has our proven track record of success which is why Med-Challenger is the most trusted name in medical education and quality assurance.

The Future

Medicine and its practice will undoubtedly change over time. Whenever, however it does – we’ll be ahead of the game – so you will be.

– David Beard, CEO, Challenger Corporation

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Med-Challenger’s History

A history of landmark courseware, assessment tools, and group learning management solutions.

  • 1991

    Created the first personal computer self-assessment program for physicians.

  • 1999

    Developed first medical education CD-ROMs

  • 2001

    Developed the first online education platform for physicians.

  • 2002

    Expanded library to include all major medical specialties

  • 2003

    Launched the “Quick Quiz” – our free medical Q&A newsletter (the first of its kind)

  • 2004

    Developed first online education and assessment platform for medical residencies

  • 2005

    First board exam simulation assessment technology with guided remediation

  • 2006

    Developed the first maintenance of certification (MOC) products for physicians

  • 2007

    Added physician assistant specialty

  • 2008

    Created one of the first medical self-assessment mobile apps

  • 2010

    Developed the first quality improvement suite for physician group practices

  • 2012

    Developed the first quality improvement suite for physician group practices

  • 2014

    Added digital assignments, calendaring, group education compliance tracking, dashboards, program reports, offline downloads

  • 2015

    Added urgent care and nursing specialties. Added CME claims center for easy management and production of CME certificates.

  • 2016

    System-wide integration of adaptive learning technologies. New responsive design for ease of use on all smartphone and tablet devices.

  • 2017

    Re-branded from Challenger Corporation to Med-Challenger. Created the first online CME game for medical practitioners with peer group leaderboards. All new platform redesign launched.

  • 2018

    Added unique ability to create Custom Exams and then Assign them to learners as saved objects, dramatically improving the out-of-the-box abilities of program directors

  • 2019

    Launched ACGME Milestone Management System. Created “no-repeat” studying option with “Crash” Review. Added Question-Authoring Tools for unparalleled clinical knowledge assessment.

  • 2020

    Now one of the largest providers of nurse practitioner education nationwide.

About Us

Challenger Corporation (a.k.a. Med-Challenger) is a medical education and specialty board certification preparation firm, offering comprehensive study material and question banks for physicians, PAs, nurses and others in the health-care industry.

Med-Challenger’s online platform also services the education and quality improvement management of medical residencies, PA and nursing training programs, and other healthcare groups at large.

Founded in 1991, it delivers the most current questions to provide users with the best available board review, in a web application.

Content and test questions are peer-reviewed by medical practitioners to guarantee the most relevant preparation for users.

Med-Challenger products boast pass rates among its users as much as fourteen percent higher than the national average in multiple specialties.

Med-Challenger’s content and services platform continues to evolve today to meet the changing needs and requirements of healthcare education assessment and quality of care.

Our Founder

A New Dream is Born

“Flashback to 1977. The Apple II goes on sale, the IBM PC is still 4 years in the future, and it’s my first year of med school. My dream is to master medicine. I spend my days pouring over textbooks and journals. To my chagrin, I soon realize the knowledge is too vast for the human brain (or mine, at least) to store and process optimally. And so a new dream is born: to harness the emerging power of computers to help doctors master the ever-evolving body of knowledge required to practice best medicine.

On graduation from med school in 1980, I began to study human intelligence, and to explore neural networks and artificial intelligence with my friend and mentor, Dr. Stan Franklin, founder of the Cognitive Computing Research Group at the University of Memphis. I also continued to pursue my clinical training and practice—so critical to finding the path to computer-aided diagnosis.

In 1991 I founded Challenger Corporation, the first company to provide personal computer training, self-assessment, and boards preparation for physicians. Today, Med-Challenger remains the leader in this field, with a broad array of programs for physicians, physician assistants, nurses, nurse practitioners, medical students, and healthcare organizations.

Only recently have the hardware, software, AI and internet technologies advanced sufficiently to enable truly effective computer-aided diagnosis. To that end, my wife and co-conspirator, Alicia, and I founded Eureka Clinical Computing. Our intelligent medical assistant for physicians and patients, MidasMed.com, will debut in 2019.”

– Dan Jones, MD

Dan Jones, MD, founder

Dan Jones, MD
Challenger Corporation Founder