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The #1 Family Medicine Certification Exam Review

Pass the Family Medicine Qualifying Exam for Initial Certification and the In-Training Exam with Med-Challenger. Offering over 3000 FM board review practice questions with up-to-date, detailed explanations and rationales following the American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) Certification Exam Blueprint, board exam simulator, and adaptive learning features, Med-Challenger is your one-stop shop for initial certification exam prep.

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FM Board Review
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“Initial certification was completely painless after using Med-Challenger’s FM board prep. Their exam simulations are spot-on and true to the exam format.”C. Flint, MD

Multiple Benefits, Uses & Utilities

Ace Family Medicine Boards with the #1 Online ABFM Initial Certification and In-Training Exam Review Course.
100% Pass-guaranteed!

  • Everything you need to know.
    • ABFM blueprint & FM Model-based content
    • Written & peer-reviewed by FM specialists
    • AAFP-style case-based questions
    • Detailed answers and explanations
    • Bite-sized topic-based learning segments
    • Clinical texts and media banks
    • Continually updated
    • Dashboards help you the most out of your assets
  • everything you need to know
  • Risk-free, time-saving exam review.
    • 100% pass-guaranteed ABFM board review
    • Adaptive learning intelligent assessment
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    • Instant feedback & guided remediation
    • Exam simulation & topic-based study options
    • Practice & review tutor modes
    • Custom exam builder
    • 99.8% pass-rate
  • Med-Challenger FM board review course

Content & Questions

Med-Challenger offers the most exam-focused content and board review questions.

Over 260
Topics Covered
Over 3000
FM Board Review Questions

Table of Contents

Everything you need to know for FM exams and current FM practice.

Expert Contributors

Written & continually maintained by board-certified, practicing family medicine experts.

ABFM Qualifying Exam Details

Blueprint-based Exam Simulation

ABFM publishes a content blueprint of the material that will appear on the exam.

This is how we determine which material appears in exam simulations.

Reproductive – Female3%
Population-based Care3%
Patient-based Symptoms3%
Special Sensory2%
Reproductive – Male1%

ABFM Certification Exam Features

The ABFM Family Medicine Certification Examination (FMCE) is a secure, computer-based, standardized examination that measures clinical decision-making ability and the requisite medical knowledge needed to make decisions as related to family medicine. The examination consists of single-best-answer, multiple-choice questions about diagnosis, management, and prevention of illness, among other topics in the field of family medicine. The content of the FMCE is the same for both candidates seeking initial certification and candidates seeking to continue their certification.

In addition to the core portion of the FMCE, each candidate must select one of eight content-specific modules (e.g., Ambulatory Family Medicine, Sports Medicine). The Test Plan Specifications provide the targeted percentage of questions in each content category on the core portion of the examination and a description of the content in each of the content-specific modules.

ABFM Certification Exam Requirements

Initial certification requires verification of satisfactory completion of three years in an ACGME-accredited Family Medicine Residency program. Additional information is required for physicians whose medical training was acquired outside the U.S.

Continuing certification currently requires a minimum of 300 hours continuing medical education acquired in the six years just prior to the recertification exam as well as verification of a valid and unrestricted medical license. As of 2010, the Family Medicine Certification program will be the process by which one qualifies to take the continuing certification examination.

ABFM Certification Exam Tips

ABFM Family Medicine Survival Guide

FM Board Review Question Samples

Sample Family Medicine Questions from our Question of the Week blog.

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“I never imagined preparing for the boards could be this easy! Highly recommend Med-Challenger’s family medicine board review for anyone looking to save time preparing for the family medicine shelf.”D. Sartain, MD

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